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Join our beta phase for skin cancer detection using lesion images. Get prediction from the comforts of your home.
Information Consent for Skin Cancer Testing from Lesion Images.

Skin Cancer Detection using Artificial Intelligence is right now in the beta phase and in no way can be used as a substitute for a radiologist’s opinion. We are currently in the process of updating our database of lesion images for our algorithm to be trained better, hence the images uploaded by you might be used to upgrade our algorithms, to achieve higher accuracy. These are the following points on which we need your consent.

  1. The report generated cannot be used as a substitute for a radiologists opinion and can be merely referred to at this point of time.
  2. The images uploaded by me can be stored and utilised by PatientMD for further research purposes.

We at PatientMD maintain Patient details with utmost privacy as per our HIPAA compliance policy and your personal details will not be exported or revealed in any matter without your knowledge.