Manage Your Clinic Appointment

Common Issues

  • Often scheduling services are done by office staff who are typically overloaded and hence prone to manual errors
  • There is no effective patient verification system to identify if the same person has booked the appointment
  • Doctors find it difficult to know patient medical history and if they are on some medication
  • It costs Doctors significant time and hassle in coordinating with past patient appointments
  • Most doctors don't have a convenient scheduler where patients can book online. They have to call the doctor's practice to know the available timings
  • Front offices are busy and calls may not be answered, so appointments depend on when information is received by the patient
  • The need for a convenient and seamless appointment scheduling experience is lacking where patient can book their meeting anytime and anywhere
  • Due to busy schedules and a hectic lifestyle, a reminder system to let them know when their appointment is very important

Book An Appointment

Patients can search for Doctors according to Name, Specialty, Location, Insurance, and Type of appointment. It's so easy to book your perfect appointment with just a few clicks.


Set Reminders

Patients can easily set reminders on appointments so they don't get missed. In case it gets missed, no need to worry, just reschedule!


Reschedule appointments with just a click!

In case the doctor is busy that day, patients will receive a reschedule request notification and medical appointments reminder so that they can reschedule or cancel if required.

Categorize appointments

Based on the type of health issues, Doctors can sort out all of the patient online bookings conveniently.
Patients can select doctors of their choice from a wide range of filters based on Consultation Fee, Proximity from their location, Years of experience, Languages known.

Reduce clinic
no-show rate

View the previous day's appointment list to check for the orange dots representing the no-shows and take the appropriate action.

Today's Schedule: Log in and get the complete list of all the appointments for the day in chronological order.

Past Appointments: Select the day from the calendar and get the list of all schedules for the day.

Upcoming Appointments: Select the day from the calendar and get the list of all upcoming appointments for that day.