5 basics before undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

The 5 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity and according to reports, there has been 15.1 million cosmetic procedure in the United States in the year 2013. This surgery is available for any part of the body and the result is almost permanent. Therefore, you must decide on the following factors: if you really want to go under the knife, whom you want for the procedure and if you have the right motivation or not. Your surgeon may even recommend counseling before they conduct the surgery if they cannot alter the underlying problem with surgery or if you show symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). There are a few risks of this surgery and here are a few things that you must know before going through the surgery.

Your health quotient:

You should have optimal health before you head for any sort of surgery. There is a chance of complications if you have any of the lifestyle diseases such as thyroid condition, high or low blood pressure and diabetes. You will have to ensure that such conditions are communicated to your doctor before conducting the surgery. Make sure that your doctor knows about the reactions or allergies to any medications. The surgeon may even recommend a series of tests just to ensure that there is no problem which you are unaware about.

Preparation for pain:

Surgeries are not painless and this is also no exception. After the surgery, you might be in some pain, there will be bruising, swelling and you may not see the results immediately. Even though the doctors may give you anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, you must still be prepared for some pain and discomfort in the coming days or week after the surgery is over.

Psychological preparation:

This is very important as you must know and understand the things that will happen to you. You must discuss also the factors that goes into the surgery. You should also note that you will feel sleepy and groggy for quite some time after the surgery is over.

Answers to all the questions:

There are some questions that you must ask yourself or your doctor. Write down all the questions and then ask them before you undergo the surgery. Ensure that you have enough knowledge about the complications and risks both during and after the surgery. Proper research will put you in a proper position. In case you are having facial surgery, you must find out about the surgeon as well as references from any previous patients.

Duration of the result:

Most of the plastic surgeries are not permanent. Wrinkles can appear with the passing of time. The skin also tends to stretch and the toned look can vanish forever. One of the long-lasting procedure is the nose job unless you wish to use fillers for which there will also be a repeat procedure.

You must also be acquainted with the risks associated with the concerned surgery. The risk must be balanced with the emotional needs. According to reports, many women feel more confident after they have undergone breast augmentation. When you are well-informed and when you take an educated decision, then you are relatively protected.