Addressing the root cause of obesity epidemic

The Root Causes Of The Obesity Epidemic Worldwide

Obesity has become a national health threat. It is impossible to place the problem purely on self-control. 

Why has obesity become such a weighty issue?

Your daily meals are similar to a bank account where you take in calories(income) and spend them on physical activity (expense). A positive energy balance occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. While this would be beneficial to your bank account, it may not be a good thing for your weight. Of course, it is not as simple as just adding and subtracting, and some people gain weight faster than others.

In the United States, 90 million adults lack basic health literacy. Developing obesity treatment interventions that are appropriate for those with low health literacy is a significant public health challenge. Every October, we celebrate Health Literacy Month — a time to recognize the importance of making health information easy to understand and the healthcare system easier to navigate.

If the figures mentioned above aren't alarming enough, PatientMD further illustrates the top three causes of mortality in the United States:

1. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) 

2. Cancer

3. Diabetes (heavily associated with obesity) 

According to the telemedicine solution providers, the annual medical costs for obese adults are almost $1,429 greater than those of normal weight.

What causes Obesity?

Most integrated healthcare services focus on two areas while helping people lose weight: diet and exercise. The amount of obesity-related issues and obese people has grown steadily from the late ’70s. 

Going low-fat, eating out more, and increased sugar consumption accompanied by a lazy lifestyle are valid reasons for this pandemic. However, many other circumstances and positions represent why people all across the globe are getting fat and staying that way. Some examples include:

  • Food: People have a tendency to gain weight when they intake more calories than they burn through activity.
  • Environment: Of course, the surroundings around us influence our ability to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Genetics: Obesity is linked to genetics, as per the research. Gene plays a vital role in a person's weight gain susceptibility.
  • Emotional Factors: It has also been found that the fewer people sleep, have more chance to be overweight or obese. Even several people eat more than usual when they get bored, angry, upset, or stressed.

Obesity prevention is critical for maintaining overall health. Negligence may result in chronic health problems, many of which become more difficult to manage as time goes on. Schedule an appointment with the telehealth solution providers available on PatientMD, and get the right treatment to manage obesity. PatientMD Exercise Reminder is one such tool that can help you to track your goals and remind you to follow them. And keeping a track of your progress can be highly motivating! 

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