Appointment Scheduling For An Automated Front Office

How an appointment scheduler is beneficial for a medical practice?

Care coordination between patients and providers is often initiated at the appointment desk. The number of interactions and frequency can create a storm of poor communication and care between patients and doctors. The introduction of an imperfect or overly complex system of scheduling can lead to communication breakdowns. The cost of inadequate coordination of care can snowball quickly and hurt both patients and providers.

The patient and provider relationship can suffer when care is poorly coordinated, creating an overall negative healthcare experience, even discouraging patients from staying at a facility.

If your practice does not yet offer online scheduling, it is time to add this tool to your website. Not only would offering an appointment scheduler give your practice a competitive advantage, but it can also help minimize your staff’s workload. More than just an innovative perk, investing in an appointment scheduler is good for business.

How PatientMD can ease out your workflow with an automated appointment scheduler?

Streamlined Workflow

One of the most significant benefits of our state-of-the-art appointment scheduler is workflow efficiency. Given the ever more dynamic patient care environment, a lot can get in the way of providing quality care. Not to mention errors that may arise from bulky processes of paperwork and billing. It's easy to get caught up in these draining duties as an employee, reducing productivity. When the productivity of your team goes down, so does your revenue and service quality. PatientMD’s appointment scheduler takes off the burden of your phone calls. Thus, enhancing the efficiency of your workflow. This enables your employees to focus on other tasks that can not be automated and service delivery can be improved.

Reducing no-shows

No-shows can lead to loss of revenue, workflow affected, and increased expenses. Not to mention the discomfort and annoyance. Our appointment scheduler greatly reduces no-shows or nonattendance, and thus, saves revenue. When a patient misses a scheduled appointment, both the office and, the physician, do not receive payment for that time slot. Eliminating no-shows can also mean eliminating overbooking, which can mean disgruntled patients because of prolonged waiting times. Research suggests that forgetting appointments has been one of the most common reasons for no-shows in the past. Automated reminders sent through our appointment scheduler can help with this. Reminders can be sent automatically through appointment schedulers.

Improved Satisfaction

With the automation of scheduling services at your office, comes faster delivery. This implies that your services will be found reliable by the patients. The patient satisfaction score is improved by this. Automated workflow allows them to work more efficiently, even for the auxiliary staff. This improves their overall satisfaction.

Versatility and Scalability

Our appointment scheduler allows you to do more than just manage appointments. Often, it automates other mundane tasks. Sending reminder messages and rescheduling no-shows or bumped appointments are included. The more complicated your company is, the more important it is to find a solution that meets your specific scheduling needs.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Our appointment scheduler allows providers to check their schedules at home, on the road, anywhere. The schedule and its features are accessible to employees regardless of whether they are in the office or working remotely from another setting.

Appointment Scheduling

PatientMD appointment scheduler puts you in control of your schedule and appointments. Now, without fear of last-minute cancellations on the part of customers, you can organize your activities and plan ahead for the day. You can control the number of people who can view your bookings with the booking system and you can also make quick modifications to the schedule.

Gives You an Edge in Your Industry

The convenience of using our appointment scheduler enhances the user experience, and this is what your patients want. A service provider that has its best interest at heart will want to stick to both prospective and existing customers. Your patients will probably spread the word, knowing how easy it is to book an appointment with you and who knows that you are good at what you do.

A Step Forward

Healthcare providers are turning to technology to update themselves and to improve the quality of their services. PatientMD appointment scheduler is definitely a step forward for the physicians and their practices.