Benefits of Having a Primary Care Physician

Here's Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

Like the comfort of going back to your childhood house, there’s a strong sense of reliability in having a primary care physician as your health “home.” Besides seeing a familiar face for your routine physician checkups, it’s nice and good to have someone to depend on when you come down with strep days before your vacation.

Having a trusted relationship with a physician who can see the big picture of your entire medical history is essential in maintaining one’s overall health. You'll get individualized care, comprehensive treatment, chronic disease management, and more by seeing a primary care physician. You tend to meet your medical needs by visiting a primary care physician regularly.

Here are some of the benefits which outline the importance of visiting a Primary Care Physician:

1. Continuity

Having a Family Practice Physician in New Jersey who has seen you for everything from immunizations to blood-pressure control means having a health resource who knows your history. When you have an appointment, you do not have to explain about the diseases in your family or list the medications you are taking or any other medical details- it's all in your medical record already. Most people find happiness in their healthcare once they find a reliable physician. Once you've got a primary care doctor whom you can trust and rely on eventually opens the doors for better communication, referrals for specialists you might need which ultimately results in less stress, of course. You don’t have to extensively search for specialists or urgent care facilities if you have a regular doctor.

2. You can lower your health care costs

Healthcare in the United States is expensive, and costs have been trending upward year after year for some time. However, as per research, patients who regularly see a primary care doctor have lower overall healthcare costs than those without a go-to physician. A primary care physician will generally charge less than an urgent care clinic or a specialist. And they will almost certainly be cheaper than a visit to the emergency room for something that could’ve been handled by the doctor who knows you.

3. Primary Care Physician can refer you to the right specialist

There may be certain situations in which your clinical care requires the consultation of a specialized care provider. In this case, a dedicated Primary Care Physician will know your unique situation, your history, and even what kind of physician personalities might best suit your communication style. This can ultimately save you time and money while ensuring that you receive the best available care. Your Primary Care practitioner can serve as a trusted advisor, helping you navigate the fragmented healthcare system, being sure your care is coordinated and personalized.

4. Primary care extends beyond the walls of the doctor’s office

In the on-demand age of e-commerce items and groceries delivered to your doorstep, healthcare companies are innovating to meet people’s demand for convenient access to their healthcare providers. Telemedicine – a term referring to healthcare delivered over the phone and/or the internet – has grown exponentially over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down. With the help of Telemedicine Services New Jersey, patients can consult with their physicians remotely over secure audio, video, and text chat. PatientMD assists Mobile Medicine New Jersey in staying connected with their patients through the HIPAA compliant telemedicine services.

5. Early Management of Health Conditions

Primary care practitioners are also able to recommend screening measures to detect early changes that might indicate specific illnesses. This may include blood pressure checks, blood tests, mammograms, allergy tests, skin infections, screening for bowel cancer, and so on.  

Some research has found that patients admitted to hospitals with medical complications to a manageable condition, such as hypertension, were four times more likely to lack access to a primary care physician.

When it comes down to it, one of the best ways to set yourself up for long-term health and wellness is to establish care with a primary care practitioner.