Diet and Exercise prevent and control DIABETES

Diabetic and Pre-diabetiv care

Diabetes is the most preventable and controllable condition in medical world. Pre-diabetes is the most vulnerable population in world who can be prevented easily from the vicious life changing effects of diabetes and other serious medical conditions . So what are the two common most efficient lifestyle modification that can be beneficial for these two groups?


What is diabetic diet? Is it a highly scientific out of the world food scaling process? Like an astronaut's food? Let's see..

Diabetic diet is a tailor-made nutrition intake for a diabetic person based on her/his age , gender, BMI, personal preference and associated co-morbid conditions. Sound very complicated right? Not at all . It just roughly translates to eat what you should not what you can.

There are certain goals in Diabetic diet to be achieved, such as ,

1. Maintain near normal blood glucose levels.

2. Maintain adequate serum lipid levels (cholesterol levels)

3. Encourage adequate calories intake for the different demands of different people.

4. Improve overall health through optimal nutrition.

However diet isn't the only lifestyle modification gonna help you , the other main modification is EXERCISE.

EXERCISE in diabetic or pre-diabetic person play an important role in therapy and prevention. So should you join Gym? Will that help ? Yes it will , hardwork never fails. But should we do hardwork or smart work? Everyone cannot afford either money or time for the gym.But everyone can follow a simple FITT principle.

F - FREQUENCY of exercise

I - INTENSITY of exercise

T- TIME of exercise

T- TYPE of exercise.

Brisk walking is as effective as a gym workout if done the right way.

Sounds easy right? If you can plan your exercise regime according FITT principle it becomes more objective and subjective to achieve the desired goals .However also have a proper advise from your doctor or trainer for the exercises you can do and should not do. Last but not least YOGA the medicine of our land which always helps with stress and other conditions surely will help you alot.

Although sounds easy it takes Himalayan perseverance to achieve these above said goals and principles. Hence there should be circle of positive , encouraging , supportive and informative people around you.

If you are reading this for someone you know and to help them , you are a saviour. If you are reading this trying to help yourself if possible others , you are a survivor.

This is my first post please pardon my amateur mistakes .