Exploring the potential of electronic medical records in healthcare

Exploring the potential of electronic medical records in healthcare

The novel coronavirus took just over a year to spread around the world. The status quo exposed the healthcare system's vulnerabilities, but it also led to an increase in the adoption of digital technologies to provide quality and improved patient care.

Telemedicine, remote healthcare monitoring, robotics, and artificial intelligence are some of the digital solutions that have changed the way healthcare is delivered around the world.

Furthermore, from chronic disease management to medical imaging, data analytics technologies have vastly improved care delivery efficiency, accelerated disease diagnosis, and reduced administrative burden. The use of Electronic Medical Records(EMR) also emphasized the importance of digital technologies in healthcare.

Data in healthcare is expected to grow in the coming years. Today, the majority of information is collected on paper, whereas the current trend is towards the rapid digitization of massive data.

This technology improves patient care and saves lives by detecting patterns and trends in data. It detects diseases in their early stages, assists in the prediction of certain outcomes based on historical data, and guides doctors at the point of care. Human-generated content such as EMR, email, paper documents, and physician notes are also examples of data types. Most healthcare providers now agree that using digital platforms rather than handwritten scripts is a viable way to reduce prescription errors. PatientMD is an AI-driven Digital Health Platform providing a host of Patient Engagement Solutions. We provide a well-defined networked EHR system in complete sync with the doctor's EMR.

Delving Deeper into Electronic Medical Records

EMRs are digitized versions of paper records that contain information such as a patient's medical and treatment history, diagnosis, laboratory results, and immunization details, among other things. Patient data can be tracked by multiple healthcare providers over time using EMR. It determines who is due for a check-up and screenings, as well as whether a patient requires a specific vaccination or medication. These digital health platforms improve the quality and safety of care. With the PatientMD networked EHR system, a physician can prescribe, and order medication based on the patient’s medical problems and allergies with one click.

Patients and their families are also more involved in the healthcare process with the help of EMR services. Clinical summaries, for example, provide information to patients about the care provided during visits, medications prescribed, related medical advice, and upcoming follow-up appointments. This is done to inform patients and their families about the treatment path taken during their visit and how they can help with patient care. PatientMD also helps physicians to send links to Blogs, Educational Videos, and Healthcare News that can help patients better understand their healthcare situation and make more informed decisions about lifestyle adjustments and medical procedures.

Improving Patient Care with EMR and Data Analytics

Patients expect better health facilities in this connected era, and advanced technologies have the potential to address this. There is a strong case to be made for redefining healthcare through the lens of digitalization to help build a more resilient health ecosystem. With rising digital literacy and internet access in both rural and urban areas, there is a growing demand for technology-based healthcare solutions.

To make healthcare accessible, affordable, and efficient, PatientMD aims to provide various patient engagement tools. However, due to a lack of awareness, there is still a long way to go. As a result, people should be aware of the advantages of data analytics and related sources such as EMR, ensuring easy accessibility of the same. PatientMD unites patients, doctors, clinics, and business owners in a convenient digital environment. We assist physicians in expanding their practices, increase office efficiency, and engage with new and existing patients. Interested to know more about our services? Text us now at +18727048154!