Feeling stressed? Know how to get rid of it!

Stress and anxiety have become common for most people.

Stress and anxiety have become common for most people. We all may experience stress on a regular basis. The only difference remains in the intensity and type of stress as it can vary from minor to major challenges. Stress can often take a toll on our overall health. This is why effective stress relievers are necessary so that we are able to restore physical health along with inner peace. It is however not easy to find out effective stress relievers for every stressful situation. Meditation is the powerhouse of stress reliever. However, you may not be in the correct mood to meditate. Similarly, another effective stress reliever such as breathing exercises might not help when you are going through relationship stress. Such type of stress might be handled by communication techniques.

We have created a list of stress relievers keeping in mind versatility. Stress relievers are proven effective and these can be used in a number of situations. You may try them out once and see which one is effective for you.


One of the most important things that you can do to combat stress is exercise. Though the idea might seem contradictory, it is not. Putting physical stress on your body might relive mental stress. The benefits are longest when you exercise on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons behind this:

  • Stress hormones: The stress hormones such as cortisol are reduced due to exercise in the long run. Exercise also increases the release of endorphins which improves the mood and act as natural painkillers.
  • Confidence: Regular exercise will make you confident about your body that will ultimately promote mental wellbeing.
  • Sleep: Exercise can also help in improving the quality of your sleep which might be affected due to stress and anxiety.

You must find the activity that you like the most, it might be walking, yoga, rock climbing, walking, jogging and dancing.

Reduce caffeine intake:

High doses of caffeine that is found in tea, coffee, energy drinks and chocolate can result in anxiety. Caffeine intake must vary depending on the person. In case you see that caffeine has increased your anxiousness then it must be cut down. Even though a few studies suggest that coffee can be good in moderation, it is not good for everyone.

Write it down:

It might not be known but one of the ways by which you can handle stress is by writing the reasons down the things that are bothering you. Another approach is jotting down the things that you are grateful for. Gratitude might also help you to reduce stress and anxiety thereby shifting your focus to what is positive in life.

Light a candle:

Stress can be reduced by way of burning a scented candle or even using some essential oils. There are a number of scents for you to choose from. The most calming effects can be found with lavender, rose, sandalwood, orange, neroli and geranium. This method of using scents to treat the mood is called aromatherapy. According to a number of studies, aromatherapy can help in reducing depression, anxiety and improve sleep.

Quality time:

You can overcome stressful times with social support from friends and family. When you are a part of a friend network and you feel accepted and a sense of belonging, you can get through the tough times. In a study conducted on women, it has been found that when they spend time with friends and children, it released oxytocin which is known as a natural stress reliever. In another study of men and women who has fewer social connections, it has been found that they were more prone to suffer from anxiety and depression.


It is not possible for you to feel anxious when you are laughing. Laughing is good for your health and it helps in releasing stress by relieving your stress response and relaxing your muscles. It also has other benefits such as improving the immune system and mood. When a study is conducted among people with cancer, it has been seen that the laughter intervention group experiences more stress relief than others. If you feel stressed then you can try to watch a funny movie or you can hang out with close friends who can make you laugh.

Join yoga class:

Over the years yoga has become a popular method of stress relief and exercise. Almost all of the styles of yoga share a common goal – to join the mind and the body. This can be achieved by increasing awareness of breath and body. Some studies have been conducted to examine the effect of yoga on mental health and it has been found that the mood is enhanced. It has also found yoga to be effective just as an antidepressant drug that treats anxiety and depression.

Even though such studies are limited and the question still remains that want to know how yoga achieves stress reduction. However, in general, the benefit of yoga is related to the stress response and nervous system. Yoga helps to lower cortisol level heart rate and blood pressure and it also increases the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is a neurotransmitter that reduces mood disorders.


The practice that anchors you to the present moment is mindfulness. This process helps in controlling effects of negative thinking. You can increase mindfulness through a number of processes such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, meditation and yoga. When a study was conducted on college students it suggested that mindfulness helps in increasing self-esteem thereby lessening the symptom of anxiety and stress.

Have a pet:

It has been found out that having a pet can help in reducing stress and improving the mood. When you interact with your pet then oxytocin is released thereby promoting a positive mood. When you have a pet, you will be active and the pet will give you companionship along with a purpose. All these might help you to reduce anxiety and stress.

These tips will help you to involve your mind while removing your stress. Stress can arise both at your workplace or in your personal life and so it is necessary to know the methods by which you can reduce stress. When you combine exercise, mindfulness, physical activity and music then your anxiety and stress will be gone by a large extent. This will also ensure that your over-all work-life balance is maintained.