Fretting over grey hair? Here’s the solution

There are a number of reasons behind the greying of hair

There was a time when grey hair happened only to older people. This is however not the case in recent time. Children are getting affected let alone middle age group people. The greying of hair is caused when the hair follicles stop producing melanin (the pigment that is responsible for hair color), however, the early onset of such condition has become an important concern for a lot of people.

What are the causes?

There are a number of reasons behind the greying of hair.


Premature greying of hair is mostly genetic and you can easily blame it on your parents just as they can blame it on their parents. If your parents have experienced grey hair early in life, you too will have the same. The sad part is that there is nothing much you can do in such a situation.

Vitamin deficiency:

This is another important reason behind premature grey hair. The absence or inadequate Vitamin B12 ensures that the greying process is early and fast. You will just have to ensure that you are consuming enough of Vitamin B12 in your daily diet.

Improper nutrition:

Eating healthy reflects on being healthy. Whatever you eat will have on impact on your skin, on your hair and on your overall health. Only the right diet will provide you with the nutrients that are required by your body to work effectively. If you are fit and healthy then it will show on your hair too. Include a lot of protein in your diet as your hair and nails are made up of the protein named keratin. You can include cheese, butter, milk in your diet.

Health issues:

Premature greys can appear if you have been diagnosed with a major illness or if you have been suffering from health issues over a prolonged period. There is also a probability of grey hair when you are suffering from thyroid.


Even though it is not supported by science, it is known that stress affects our health. It is therefore likely to see strands of grey hair pretty early than expected. According to a few studies, smoking tends to increase the chances for premature grey hair. Stop smoking and reduce the amount of stress, it has other benefits as well.

What can you do?

You can quit using harsh shampoos and use organic shampoos. The chemicals present in shampoos tend to affect the pigment and also result in hair fall. Dehydrated hair may also result in grey hair due to lack of moisture. You must oil your hair on a regular basis and indulge in hair spa now and then for a better condition of your hair.

  • To cover up the grey naturally, brew some tea leaves in hot water and then apply them when it cools down. Leave this on for 1 to 2 hours before rinsing off with plain water.
  • Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and then apply it to your hair.
  • Massage your hair with a mixture of almond oil, lemon juice and amla juice daily at night. This can prevent premature greying.

How to prevent greying of hair?

The best way that you can obtain maximum nutrients is by consuming nutritious foods. Check out the list of foods.


Consuming chocolate can help with premature graying. Is there any other better way to avoid grey hair? No, there isn’t. Chocolate is rich in copper that boosts melanin production. However, you must ensure that you are consuming dark chocolates as this is the only way you can reap of maximum benefits from consuming chocolates without overloading your system with calories.

Leafy Greens:

Ensure that your diet consists of an adequate amount of vegetables. You must ensure that you are increasing your consumption of spinach, celery, cucumber, cabbage, capsicum and other green vegetables and fruits. Drink smoothie that is made of green leafy vegetables in the morning to ward of grey hair.


You may have definitely heard about this right? Triphala is the combination of three fruits, amlaki, hartaki and bibhitaki. These are not only good for the hair but also for the eyes and skin. Drink a glass of triphala water in the morning and this will make your hair healthy and strong while preventing greying of hair.


Ensure that you are including any and all types of berries in your diet. Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and mulberries are rich in antioxidant and they help in reducing greying of hair.


Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, copper and proteins. You should include almond and other nuts in your diet to reduce the greying of hair. You can also make a vegetable smoothie and add nuts of your choice in it. This tonic is good for your hair and skin.


Consumption of salmon can assist in producing hormone while ensuring that you are obtaining protein from it. Include salmon in your diet and stop greying of hair.

The above-discussed foods will prevent as well as reverse the greying of hair. However, some additional changes are also required on your part such as reducing the consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea and fried foods.

Additional tips:

  • Boil ridge gourd in coconut oil and consume it as this can help in treating greying of hair.
  • Grate ginger and then mix it with honey and store it. Consume one tablespoon of this on a daily basis.

Homeopathy treatment:

Homeopathy can be a solution to all those who are suffering from white hair and premature greying of hair. Homeopathic treatment is based on case studies and findings. Such a treatment is safe as well as effective in eliminating white hair and preventing greying of hair. Here are a few homeopathic medicines that can help.

  • Lycopodium clavatum: This is useful in case of grey hair and baldness.
  • Phosphoricum Acidum: Useful for preventing grey hair along with thinning and hair fall. This also helps to relieve fatigue, nervous exhaustion and debility.
  • Acid Phos: Treats greying and hair fall.
  • Lycopodium: Treats premature greying that is associated with bloating and digestive problems.
  • Thyroidinum: Treats thyroid problems.
  • Psorinum: Effective in treating grey hair that appears in spots.
  • Silicea: This helps in curing exhaustion.

In case you are not able to control greying then use henna. Henna will cover up the grey's however you will also have to reapply after a few days to ensure maximum coverage at all times. Hair color is also an option but it comes loaded with chemicals and so it is not recommended.

Embrace the grey: grey hair does not make you old, it is a myth. Your attitude towards grey matters and it will not take too much time to be just another color in your life.