Healthcare Gets Social

Doctors have a couple of options when entering the social media stratosphere.

The presence of social media all around us cannot be denied. Nearly everyone, individuals, businesses, and organizations, have some sort of social presence. It has taken a bit longer for the healthcare industry to catch on, but we are starting to see many more doctors utilizing various digital online platforms to connect with patients. Let’s take a look.

Social Media

Doctors have a couple of options when entering the social media stratosphere. They may choose to make a social media profile as an individual doctor or create a page for their healthcare practice. Both have proven to be great marketing tools and an excellent way for patients to feel more connected. With a social media presence, you will be more likely to show up in search results when a potential patient is searching online for care in their area. When connecting with patients via social media profiles, you can showcase your expertise in your field by sharing current studies, sharing pictures around the office, and fun facts about yourself and office staff. This helps patients feel more connected and comfortable with the practice, while also establishing your practice or self as an industry thought leader. 


Many healthcare providers now allow patients to contact them via secure email. In the age of all things digital, many patients and providers prefer the ease of scheduling or having quick questions answered via email, rather than taking the time to make a phone call. Email allows patients to contact their healthcare provider when it is convenient for them, which usually isn’t during office hours. This also allows the healthcare provider the convenience of answering questions when necessary, and to handle all scheduling via online platforms.


The new application for your smartphone, PatientMD, allows doctors and patients to connect. Now, patients can ask questions, store their health records, and discuss their health issues with each other. This collaborative digital platform will improve the quality of information regarding healthcare online, and in turn, improve the health of each and every patient on PatientMD!

Healthcare Provider Benefits

Doctors are encouraged to “get social” because it develops a mutually beneficial relationship. While we don’t like to think of healthcare as a “business”, it is one. By building relationships online with patients and potential patients, they will feel more comfortable choosing you or your practice as their healthcare provider.

Patient Benefits

Patients benefit from online connections with their medical providers in a variety of different ways. Convenience, access to information, and access to reliable medical advice are all beneficial aspects of connecting with your doctor online. It is convenient because you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office. All you have to do is simply sign on to whatever digital platform you want to get the information you need. Access to information is another excellent benefit to patients. On applications such as PatientMD, patients can privately or publicly upload all of their medical history to their profile. This allows patients and doctors easy and convenient access to all of your medical information. Lastly, connecting with real doctors online allows you to receive real medical advice, without a costly trip to the doctor. It provides a community of people who may be going through a similar health issue, offering support and additional guidance that a doctor might not be able to provide.

The presence of social media and digital platforms cannot be denied, and it is not going anywhere soon. Healthcare providers who have embraced this new phase of healthcare and patient communication have seen excellent results. Patients and doctors alike are encouraged to connect through secure platforms such as PatientMD for open access to reliable information and convenience.

Privacy in the PatientMD App

When it comes to healthcare and medical records, it is completely natural to be concerned about privacy. With PatientMD, we allow you to maintain completely anonymous if you choose, and to keep your medical records completely private. Privacy is of our utmost concern, as PatientMD is here for you to feel empowered over your healthcare.

How We Keep You Protected

PatientMD will keep you protected through our various privacy settings to ensure users have a positive experience. Whether you want everyone to have access to your medical conditions, or you want complete anonymity, you will have the choice. Users will use screen names to protect their identity but have access to real doctors and all of their information. Users can securely and privately exchange complete medical records through the Health Information Exchange and Health Records Bank in PatientMD.

How we are Different

PatientMD is unique because it connects real patients to real doctors. Users can tailor the information they see to fit their exact health interests. Rather than being inundated with a bunch of misinformation from people claiming to be professionals, PatientMD protects users. Doctors will have unique profiles with all of their contact information and history so that patients know they are talking to someone trustworthy and experienced in medicine.

Take Control of Your Healthcare

With PatientMD, patients are empowered to take charge of their healthcare. Instead of running to the doctor for unnecessary and expensive tests, patients can anonymously run their symptoms by a doctor from the convenience of their home. Then, if they do need to go see a doctor in the office, they are armed with information.

Privacy is important to PatientMD. Healthcare and medical records are sensitive and private materials, which is why it is important for us to earn the trust of our users. This secure, safe, and private online application is revolutionizing the healthcare process and making it a better experience for everyone involved.