Holiday Hangover? Not any more!

Best & Easiest Cures for the Holiday Hangover

The holidays – it is that magical time of the year when you attend a number of parties while vowing to stay away from the cheese platter and the bottle of wine. It is this time of the year when you wake up in the morning with a lot of regrets and an upset stomach. Of course, you will enjoy yourself but before indulging in the holiday spirits, keep some tips in your holiday survival toolkit.

Overindulging yourself can come at a price – hangover. The various symptoms of such a hangover include a headache, dry mouth, exhaustion and nausea. Some of these symptoms can be avoided just by ensuring that you have eaten before you go for the red bottle.

The more the merrier:

The first and foremost thing that you need to feel better while getting back to normal is simple, plain water. Water will help you in both cases, if you have gone overboard with cakes and sweets or if you have involved in too much alcohol. Due to dehydration, you may feel awful in the morning and so the best way to get over a hangover is by drinking lots and lots of water. As the popular saying, prevention is better than cure. So, if you can, drink as much as you can after drinking before going to sleep.

Take a nap:

It is healthy to take a nap. This process is healthy specifically after binge drinking or eating because sleep helps in flushing out toxins from the brain and body. According to studies, the body works differently when you are awake and when you are asleep. Vital healing takes place when you are sleeping. Your brain will do all the important things when it is not focusing on a million other things such as grocery shopping, kitchen cleaning, kids studying and a list of to-do things. 

Consume protein:

Your body will start to repair itself after the damage of consuming too much alcohol, fat and sugar. Fuel your body with plenty of healthy protein just after your holiday binge. The body’s ability to synthesize protein is reduced after you drink alcohol. Eat a few small healthy meals that are comprised of baked fish, egg whites and ground turkey.

Have bouillon:

Remember the soup that your mom made you have when you were under the weather? The same soup will benefit you when you are dealing with a hangover. You can replenish potassium and salt from the soup. You can also chew on some crackers along with your soup.

Take a walk:

Another great way to detox the body is exercise. Toxins will get flushed out by sweat while helping your lymphatic system to work better while releasing endorphins. A brisk walk can also help as it will boost your metabolism while burning excess calories.

Some additional tips:

  • Sports drinks can also be helpful; the sugar and salt content can help in replacing the electrolytes that you have lost during the night.
  • Consume bananas as it’s potassium content can work against the dehydrating effect of alcohol.
  • Caffeine will make you feel less tired however, you must not consume too much of it as it has the same dehydrating effect of alcohol.
  • Make a smoothie with lots of fruits to increase your blood sugar. This will also replenish some of the lost nutrients.

Staying healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate tip. Most of the people overindulge themselves so if you can make an exception you will be balanced and happy. When nothing else works just drink some water and take a nap. For more such articles, visit