How do marketing campaigns benefit Pharma businesses?

Benefits of marketing campaigns for Pharma businesses

In 2020, pharmaceutical companies allocated 66 percent of their marketing budgets to digital initiatives, and this category is expected to grow further, with digital ad spending in the United States expected to exceed £11 billion this year.

As the pandemic forced Pharma companies to adopt automated marketing solutions to connect with physicians and grow their businesses, the sector's investment in programmatic technologies and partnerships increased. As marketers continue to embrace digital platforms, here are some ways pharmaceutical companies can amplify marketing campaigns by incorporating programmatic solutions to improve physician communications and office efficiency. 

Understanding the physician’s journey

According to one study, once the pandemic is over, 87 percent of healthcare providers want all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings. To effectively communicate with physicians on their preferred platforms, pharma marketers must establish programmatic policies. A digital approach empowers Pharma firms to gain insights into a physician's preferences, whether it's through Telehealth or a networked EHR system. 

PatientMD is an AI-driven digital health platform providing digital marketing services and patient engagement solutions. Our team of Marketers will help you gain intel on the formats, channels, and moments when physicians are most receptive to messages. Understanding physician behaviors and platforms used during the workday will dictate the type of marketing tactics to use to generate positive results. By gaining insight into a sought-after physician's channel usage, our marketing team is prepared to craft and serve messages on platforms used more frequently that will be well received by medical professionals in order to optimize campaigns.

Precision targeting solutions 

Precision targeting capabilities provided by an AI-powered platform such as PatientMD enable pharmaceutical companies to personalize the content shared with physicians. Marketing plans are elevated across digital channels with the ability to identify the types of communications that resonate the most. 

Engagement rates are increased by combining AI and programmatic technologies, with data analytics supporting the customized content that is shared with the target audience. The digital footprint across digital platforms such as PatientMD is a resource that enables Pharma companies to use automated strategies to deploy tailored messages that improve business outcomes.

Serve trigger-based messages 

Pharma firms are unable to interact with physicians on EHR platforms without a premium programmatic approach, despite the fact that 86 percent of all office-based healthcare providers use an EHR system. The ability to enrich interactions during a physician's workflow is a valuable asset for Pharma companies seeking to convey informative messages to physicians while they are in a professional mindset. 

With the power of data analytics via automated platforms, PatientMD helps Pharma businesses to optimize trigger-based content to align with personalized content that supports the physician’s dialogue with patients about safe and secure e-prescriptions(eRx) and treatment recommendations. Further, Pharma businesses can effectively share trigger-based messages through different channels that advise physicians via call-to-action messages, guiding exchanges with patients in real-time, or following the patient’s visit. 

Real-time data analytics 

Transparency is critical to advancing the adoption of automated marketing tactics in the Pharma and healthcare space because the programmatic methodology is still evolving. With the ability to obtain real-time analytics on campaigns, PatientMD provides Pharma businesses with a competitive advantage that they did not previously have — the ability to refine marketing efforts and content mid-campaign. With the ability to decipher a campaign's successes and weaknesses, they can optimize these through data-driven decisions.

This year, 43 percent of Pharma companies stated that improving data and analytics use is a top priority. PatientMD assists marketers in refining marketing plans to maximize campaign results by providing insights into how receptive physicians are to messages, as well as how and when content is served.

Automated marketing solutions are valuable assets for Pharma companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Pharmaceutical companies can improve their communications with physicians by using a data-driven approach backed up by physician-level insights.

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