How PatientMD is planning to close the Gaps in Care by providing Convenient Care Access?

How PatientMD is planning to close the Gaps in Care by providing Convenient Care Access?

Like nearly every other digital health platform, PatientMD is eyeing the gaps in care opened during the pandemic carefully. But, in addition to the targeted patient outreach that is taking place in offices across the country, the organization is adding another tool to its arsenal: convenient care access.

Depending on the data source, anywhere from a third to 40% of patients did not receive routine medical care during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In October 2020, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention(CDC) said 4 in 10 patients did not access healthcare services specifically because they were worried they might become infected with the novel coronavirus in a healthcare facility.

In February 2021, as per resorts generated, 36 percent of adults under age 65 went without needed care during the pandemic. A quarter of those patients said they did so because they were afraid of contracting COVID-19 in a medical setting.

People were foregoing their care because they were afraid of infection, but they were also skipping out on other important checks and screenings.

For PatientMD, offering convenient care access is going to be central to that effort.

The Chief Executive Officer as well as Founder of PatientMD, Dr. Christ Pavlatos, said “Its online appointment scheduling system and service provider search functions are going to be instrumental in filling care gaps. And it just so happens that these systems serve a dual purpose, assisting the organization in keeping up with the current shift toward healthcare consumerism.”

The PatientMD Chief Executive Officer also stated “It's all about providing convenient care to our patients. The pandemic just indicated that people are looking to make things easier for them in doing things in a connected way.”

Now, PatientMD is seeing a change in how its patients interact with the organization, beginning with when they want their care. 

We focus on the convenience of our patients. They may schedule when it's convenient for them, at nights, weekends, holidays, whenever. So that's really what we're trying to do is make it easy for our customers/patients to reach us.

PatientMD has also done extensive marketing to educate patients on the importance of screenings and keeping up with routine care.

We did a few marketing campaigns on getting people back to primary care, back to the offices, back to urgent care. We reached out to a large number of patients. Also, we did a lot of ads and commercials telling people it was safe to come back to care and we directed them back to care by scheduling online when it's convenient for them. 

Importantly, we able to help patients to schedule their appointment using our PatientMD online scheduler.

PatientMD does anticipate some patients will be harder to re-engage than others. The President and Co-Founder of PatientMD, Anirban Majumdar, said the organization is currently considering text messaging to reconnect with existing patients that have been harder to reach. Our text messaging services have been a huge success in connecting with a good number of patients. 

PatientMD HIPAA compliant messaging via text allows the providers to do the following:

  • Send a mass text to your new and existing patients
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Send Survey links
  • Send blog links
  • Chat with patients
  • Send information through push messaging

Our team also takes care of text message frequency to avoid patients hitting the unsubscribe button. However, PatientMD is eager to see how well text message outreach works to further close care gaps.

PatientMD is seeing huge success with the online appointment scheduling option and the HIPAA compliant text messaging services and is continuing on a path to push toward digital.

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