Keep This Silent Condition In Check With Proper Treatment

Be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of Diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes can be very mild. Although both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes symptoms are similar, Type 2 diabetes symptoms are more difficult to pinpoint. Many people with Type 2 diabetes develop the disease gradually, and they may not realize they have it until they are tested. There are millions of diabetic patients who are completely unaware of their condition.

According to the American Diabetes Association, 8 million of the 29 million people in the United States with diabetes are undiagnosed. You can't tell if you have diabetes just by looking at your symptoms. You need to see an Internal Medicine Doctor in Homer Glen who can check your blood sugar levels. Physicians will be able to tell if you have diabetes based on those numbers.

Conditions Associated with Diabetes

Diabetic patients are always at risk of serious health complications, which usually occur when diabetes is not properly managed. The following are some of the most common diabetes-related diseases and disorders:

Nerve Pain: Diabetes that is uncontrolled can cause severe nerve pain. Controlling blood sugar levels is the most effective way to manage diabetes-related nerve pain.

Hampered Vision: Diabetes tends to impair your vision.

Skin Conditions: Because of uncontrolled diabetes, a variety of skin conditions can develop.

Kidney Disease: Diabetic nephropathy is a common kidney disorder that is known to be the leading cause of kidney failure.

Heart Disease: Diabetes increases your chances of developing heart disease, which can be fatal if blood sugar levels aren't controlled.

Frozen shoulder: Many diabetic patients complain of a frozen shoulder, which causes pain, restricted mobility, and stiffness in the shoulder. 

It is important to check your blood sugar levels frequently if you are suffering from diabetes. Several people need to keep a check on their blood sugar levels regularly as it will enable the Best Diabetes Doctor in Homer Glen to devise a treatment plan for better results. As a result, there is a pressing need to concentrate on reducing diabetes-related complications.

When to See a Doctor

If you are experiencing any symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, thirst, abrupt weight loss, fatigue and dizziness, blindness and particularly in combination with one another, you should see a physician to check whether diabetes could be the cause. Many serious complications of diabetes can be avoided with early diagnosis and careful management. You can book a clinic appointment with Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti at Suburban Wellness SC or opt for a telemedicine visit. By using the telemedicine services powered by PatientMD, you can experience the convenience of getting checked by the best physicians at the comfort of your home. 

Final words:

When people learn that they have diabetes, they may be extremely disappointed. Positive thinking and the assistance of an expert physician like Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti can help you control diabetes effectively and make you lead a long healthy life. Book your appointment today!