Know the Five Common Health Concerns For Seniors

Most Common Health Concerns for Seniors

Getting older is unavoidable, but a healthy lifestyle can ensure that you make the most of your golden days. It is rightly said that what you do in your 20s affects your 50s; therefore, you must take deliberate steps towards a healthy lifestyle. However, knowing the possible chronic illnesses that attack during the golden years, you can consciously avert off the illness as you age.

Here are the 5 most common health concerns for seniors:

1. Arthritis: 

It is one of the most common problems among seniors. A poor and inactive lifestyle could lead to arthritis. Symptoms such as knee pain, ankle pain, and joints pain could be a sign that you are suffering from arthritis. Do not avoid the symptoms. Seeking medical advice from the Geriatric Medicine Doctors Orland Park at an early stage could help you keep arthritis and arthritis pain relief products at bay. Seniors may have difficulty doing exercise, but a little exercise is essential to keep your bones and joints healthy and to ensure that the knee pain does not prevent you from enjoying your golden days.

2. Cancer: 

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases affecting not only the elderly but people of other age groups as well. It is the second most cause of death amongst people of over 65 years, reveals a survey. The CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that 21% of women and 28% of men of over 65 years are living with cancer. If detected early, cancer is curable.

3. Osteoporosis: 

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones weaken and become brittle. Though therapy may help, the condition can not be cured completely. Hence it is very important to identify and treat Osteoporosis at an early stage. PatientMD helps you consult medical experts of Suburban Wellness through online appointment scheduling option. Many people have no symptoms of Osteoporosis until they have a bone fracture. Chronic knee pain can be a sign your bones need help. One must use a knee brace, and ankle brace to prevent falling and collapsing.

4. Alzheimer's: 

One in nine people aged 65 and above suffer from Alzheimer's, which is almost 11 per cent, reveals the association of Alzheimer's. This disease can also affect the sufferer's well-being and their families. It is important to deal with it patiently, be open about it, and seek medical assistance at Primary Care Services near Orland Park. Because this disease is related to brain and memory, the family members have to take particular care of the patient's safety.

5. Falls: 

As the body ages, the strength of the body and the health of the bones and joints begin to deplete. Because of which, people become prone to falling. Every year nearly 2.5 million people of over 65 years are taken to the hospital because of falling, states CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Also, the recovery process slows down as we age, so such falls might lead to partial or complete immobility. Early signs such as knee pain, trembling legs and weak joints should be treated immediately. Eating stuff that is rich in calcium and vitamins might help keep the joints and knees healthy. That would avoid knee pain and fall.

Older people are advised to wear knee braces, ankle braces, and walk with a supporter to prevent mishaps, eating things rich in calcium and vitamins might help keep the joints and knees healthy and should follow a proper diet.