mHealth : Its benefits and the way forward

mHealth most commonly educates us about preventive healthcare services

Mobile devices have altered the way that entire industries operate in. As technology continues to develop, and smartphones and mobile technology become more widely used in healthcare, we must have a clear idea about mHealth and how it will impact healthcare in general.

mHealth most commonly educates us about preventive healthcare services by way of mobiles phones and other communication devices. It is also used for treatment support, disease surveillance, chronic disease management, and epidemic outbreak tracking.

To improve their relationship with you, healthcare providers are embracing mobile communication even more. As a result, you have more options for modern communication with them.

Productivity, response rates, information access and communication are increased by using mobile devices in the healthcare setting. Let us look at benefits mHealth offers us and the way forward.

Tracking personal health data

The top mHealth and health app categories are weight loss, exercise and fitness, and women’s health. Health apps on smartphones, mobile devices, fitness trackers, and wearables collect personal health data that is easy to understand and are an ideal way for people to benefit from mHealth.

Some of the uses of mobile health apps are –

Mobile medical ID information – You can document important personal health information for yourself or your family, such as allergies, medications, emergency contact info, etc. Caregivers can stay organized with its help.

Mobile fitness tracker – You can find new workout suggestions and keep track of your fitness routine.

Heart rate and vitals monitor – You can use your smartphone, smartwatch or other mobile devices to get an idea of your vitals, such as sleep patterns or heart rate.

Mobile emergency health communication – When you are facing an emergency, certain health apps or mobile features allow you to get the help you need, such as apps that dial emergency contacts with only a tap.

Calorie counter and nutrition planner – With nutrition and diet apps, you can monitor what you eat and learn more about your diet

Prescription medication reminder – To ensure you do not miss your schedule, you can track the medications you are supposed to take and set up reminder notifications

Mobile healthcare management

As a way to go paperless, smartphones and electronic communication are used to receive bills, statements, and other important documents through apps or email.

Custom-made mobile apps are increasingly smarter, rich in functionality and also easy to use. They aim to cut healthcare costs and provide you with the best results.

The value of time, in this case, is associated not with money, but with the lives of patients. With mobile healthcare management, it is possible to

  • Eliminate errors that manual interventions and workarounds cause
  • Enhance inventory control
  • Make more efficient workflow processes
  • Execute compliance protocols
  • Monitoring compliance violations

The Future

mHealth is soon to become a popular option in areas with a large population and widespread mobile phone usage, but which are underserved. In the developing world, increased use of mHealth is being advocated.

It is going to bring more ways to improve electronic health records (EHRs) and collect and mobilize health data on smartphones. More mobile health apps will continue to be a top consideration for the healthcare industry, as more consumers want them.

As healthcare centres today need to stay connected to patients and their records round the clock, mobility solutions will help in enhancing responsiveness and patient satisfaction. Miscommunication and confusions will be avoided more successfully.

mHealth enables better coordination, improves diagnostic accuracy, and builds trust. It has the potential to change our daily routines or the way we heal. A robust mobile strategy will ultimately help healthcare providers to improve end-to-end healthcare processes.

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