PatientMD Healthcare Tokens Coming soon!

PatientMD is Excited to Announce the Official Launch of Healthcare Tokens Soon

2nd November 2021, Chicago - PatientMD, an integrated blockchain, mobile, and web app platform providing information sharing and online health management services is soon planning to announce the launch of Healthcare Tokens.

“Our focus is to create a distributed and decentralized global healthcare delivery system that is patient-centric and value-based while providing precision medicine and personalized healthcare. The foundation of our platform will be the patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR), consisting of clinical, genomic, and IoT data,” said Anirban Majumdar, President, and Co-Founder of PatientMD. 

“Patients and doctors have become more and more frustrated with our current healthcare delivery system. They are overburdened with paperwork, government regulations, and denial of services. To address the problems of this industry, we thought of building our mobile platform which will help in secure information sharing and provide world-class healthcare services. The advancement of mobile technology, cloud computing, genomics, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in pursuing our vision for the industry” said Christ Pavlatos, CEO and Founder of PatientMD.

A number of value-added services like telemedicine, genomics, healthcare tourism, Healthcare Marketplace, Remote Patient Monitoring, Revenue Cycle Management, Interactive Patient Questionnaire, Campaign Management, Networked Personal Health Record & EHR, Bi-Directional Chat will help people stay healthy, get access to quality healthcare solutions and most important take active participation in their own care journey. PatientMD’s blockchain will be a hybrid platform using the public Ethereum blockchain and the private, permission-based Hyperledger Fabric. 

The use of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and healthcare coins will help in conducting complex transactions in an efficient, secure, private, and trusted environment.

PatientMD will be issuing two tokens namely Patient Token & Health Token. 

Patient Token is the fungible stable healthcare token pegged to the United States Dollar (USD). The Health Token is the non-fungible token, provided to each patient, allowing them to control their data in academic research centers, pharma, and clinical trials. Services can be purchased on the PatientMD platform with a “Patient” token or fiat cash or a combination of both.

Smart contracts will play an important role in the patient community. Patients whose activity promotes good health and wellness will be rewarded or incentivized with our “Patient” tokens through the use of smart contracts.

Health and wellness behavior may include: 

  • building your PHR with clinical, IoT, and genomic data medication adherence
  • involvement in care coordination activity, 
  • complying with preventative and wellness programs and making value-based healthcare service purchases.

Blockchain technology will be utilized for specific use cases on our platform. One of those use cases is placing the data in the patient’s Personal Health Record (PHR) and PatientMD’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). For the physician community, interoperability of patient information between the PHR and the doctor’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) significantly improves their operational efficiencies.

Blockchain has taken healthcare by storm over the past few years. With such wide-ranging possibilities of using crypto tokens in healthcare, it appears poised to become one of the digital world's pillars.

About PatientMD: 

PatientMD is an AI-driven mobile and web app platform providing Patient Engagement Solutions and information-sharing services. We are a one-stop-shop providing Patient Engagement solutions that help the physician fraternity to grow their practice, engage with new and existing patients, and improve office efficiency along with the patient experience. We aim to provide a competitive marketplace to control the rising cost of healthcare and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship. Our state-of-the-art mobile and web platform globally helps to improve the health of patients worldwide via secure information sharing.

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