PatientMD Officially Announces Collaboration with Medixia Global

Official Announcement of Collaboration between PatientMD and Medixia Global

Partnership fosters greater innovation and collaboration between medical technology companies and health systems

PatientMD, one of the leading AI-driven Digital Health Platform providing Patient Engagement Solutions and Digital Marketing Services announced its partnership with Egypt based healthcare organization providing digital health solutions, Medixia Global.

PatientMD, a well-known name in the USA and Indian healthcare market focuses on providing Patient Engagement Solutions to healthcare providers, practices, and businesses. Through the years, the PatientMD team has gained a wide experience in providing solutions to attract new patients, increase patient engagement and streamline front office operations.

"We see this being such a complimentary collaboration between PatientMD and Medixia Global, and we couldn't be more excited," said Anirban Majumdar, President, and Co-Founder of PatientMD. "The PatientMD platform is full of patient engagement solutions that will make great additions to Medixia Global, and PatientMD Patient Monitoring is just one of them which will help the physician community to deliver consistently, quality patient care – everywhere it matters.” 

He also shared that the primary objective is to make healthcare accessible for one and all. In pursuit of this, PatientMD is coming with their user-friendly platform and also the App in Arabic and other local languages for the convenience of the people of Egypt & North Africa.

"Our team's mission has always been grounded in providing appropriate, comprehensive care for everyone, anywhere – and we're excited that our mission is at the core of our partnership with Medixia Global," said Christ Pavlatos, CEO and Founder of PatientMD. He also added that this partnership can be a door to the Middle East and North African health care market. "By enhancing interoperability and knowledge sharing, we're empowering providers not only to focus on patients, rather than digging for data but also to deliver the highest value, best quality care. We hope this partnership inspires our peers to join us in leading the modern healthcare revolution. The time is now – and we must work together.”

The collaboration also aims to eliminate the frustrating, costly, and dangerous data fragmentation that providers and patients have dealt with for decades, by streamlining how personalized insights about quality measures and best practice clinical guidelines are delivered to providers.

Medixia Global is very keen on utilizing the below mentioned cutting-edge features of PatientMD:

  • AI-Driven Interactive Patient Questionnaire 
  • Marketplace 
  • Centralized Online Scheduling
  • Centralized Telemedicine
  • Bi-Directional Chat 
  • Campaign management 
  • PatientMD Community
  • Patient Data Security
  • PatientMD Patient Monitoring

PatientMD is the preeminent platform delivering innovation to healthcare through artificial intelligence (AI)," said Dr. Mohamed Fayek, Director, Medixia Global. "We could not be more excited to collaborate with the PatientMD team to bring great solutions to our team of healthcare providers. As we move into a more connected age of healthcare, a 360-degree holistic healthcare platform along with apps developed for patients, doctors and businesses will help us in active & passive patient recruitment, engage with new & Existing Patients and improve the patient experience. 

About Medixia Global: 

Medixia Global was founded in 2009 and works in the field of medical technology solutions and electronic health systems, whether applications on mobile devices or the web, hospital management software, healthcare analytics data analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

About PatientMD: 

PatientMD is an AI-driven Digital Health Platform providing Patient Engagement Solutions and Digital Marketing Services. We are a one-stop-shop providing Patient Engagement solutions that help the physician fraternity to grow their practice, engage with new and existing patients, and improve office efficiency along with the patient experience. We aim to provide a competitive marketplace to control the rising cost of healthcare and strengthen the patient-doctor relationship. Our state-of-the-art mobile and web platform globally helps to improve the health of patients worldwide via secure information sharing.


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