Problems in the Healthcare System

The future of healthcare will continue to evolve in the digital space.

The healthcare system in the United States has many problems, especially compared to other developed countries. The exorbitant prices for care, even with insurance, are often unrealistic for many Americans to afford. The high cost of healthcare in the US makes it the most expensive in the world, and it has also been dubbed the least effective in comparison with 10 other healthcare systems in industrialized countries. Healthcare is something that everyone needs at some point in his or her lives. Fortunately, PatientMD, an application founded by Christ J Pavlatos MD, MBA, CPHIT, CPEHR is here to provide you with vital healthcare information by real doctors so that you can move forward with your healthcare decisions armed with accurate information.

Healthcare is expensive.

The United States is home to the most expensive healthcare system in the world. It would be one thing if we had one of the best healthcare systems, but the United States actually ranks dead last in a variety of studies on the effectiveness of healthcare in industrialized countries. Since the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, more Americans are insured than ever before. However, even with insurance, monthly premiums remain high and do not cover all expenses.

The US healthcare system has been ranked last for efficiency, equity, and access to care compared to other developed countries studied. It is not uncommon for Americans to be burdened with thousands of dollars in bills due to a hospital visit. Those suffering with more severe conditions commonly go bankrupt in months. This unfortunate reality has caused several problems within the healthcare industry. 

There is a lot of misinformation.

In the digital age, nearly everyone has access to a keyboard. Any search on Google regarding symptoms you might be feeling would send any sane person into a full-blown panic. The Internet could have anyone thinking their minor headache is a brain tumor, or stomachache means they’re pregnant. People who feel passionately about a variety of medical issues have the ability to preach their opinions all over the Internet, even though they have no medical background or science behind them. Unfortunately, none of this information is coming from real doctors. This sends people with very minor problems running to doctors for unnecessary (and expensive) tests and procedures.

What is the Solution?

This is where PatientMD comes in. PatientMD is an application that empowers both patients and doctors in taking control of their own healthcare. Patients can upload all of their health information, ask questions, and get answers from real, verified doctors. Patients will be able to share their experiences, troubles, and questions on a variety of health topics. PatientMD ensures an end to unnecessary trips to the doctor, and will provide substantial answers to your questions, by real doctors. PatientMD is revolutionizing healthcare.

The future of healthcare will continue to evolve in the digital space. We predict more and more information will be available online, but it is important to know if that information being consumed is reliable. We do not know if healthcare will continue getting more and more expensive, but it is important to take control of your health and know your options to avoid spending unnecessary money on rising healthcare costs. PatientMD is that solution, so download the app today!