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David, 25 years old, male, was the eldest among his three siblings. He belonged to a middle-class family and was quite good at studies. He was having a very reserved personality since childhood as per his parents, rarely initiating a conversation or activity. But as he grew up the problem started with his behavior and most concerning was he used to hallucinate. His irritable nature and unsocial behavior started becoming worse and as years passed he started growing violent on petty issues. His formal schooling commenced at the age of four and after completing secondary education at 19 he gave up with his studies. David suddenly developed a feeling that his mother was trying to hurt him anyway. He used to get irritated in his mother’s presence and at times he became violent even.

Worried about his growing violent behavior his parents thought of consulting a good Psychiatrist. But they were not aware of any Psychiatrists nearby so they did a Google and Bing search for a good Psychiatrist. From the long list of search results, they considered Brown Beach Psychiatry as it was at the top of the list with many five-star ratings!

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David’s father calls up one of his friends who went to Brown Beach Psychiatry for treatment. His father could recognize the name from commercials and from one of his friends who stated to have used the practice. The Brown Beach Psychiatry had a great online reputation with many five stars! Plus after going through a few of the patient reviews, his parents were quite confident to give this practice a try. The reviews indicated that doctors could be seen within 48 hours which was a plus point. 

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While exploring the website, his parents came through the option of Appointment Scheduling and Reminders. Without wasting any further time they registered on the website and quickly logged in to their account. They were highly delighted to find four types of appointments available i.e. Clinic, Telemedicine, Live Now, and House Call. After thoroughly scrutinizing based on Doctor’s name, Speciality, and Location, they booked a clinic appointment with Dr. Smith. They had the liberty of scheduling the appointment as per their convenient time slot. 

Immediately they received a booking confirmation via text and email consisting of the details of the appointment schedule and a copy of the same was received by Dr. Smith as well.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

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On visiting the office, the doctor carried out some psychological evaluation and also asked David’s parents about his thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns, symptoms, when they began, severity, and their impact on daily life. With the help of the PHR services, Dr. Smith could access his medical history thus becoming aware of his prior health conditions. The mental status examination revealed that his eye contact was not continuous and he moved his eyes suspiciously and furtively. He tried a little hard to change the body postures and lethargic movements of the limbs (particularly) were also noticed. The quantity of speech was reduced, and the patient became hesitant about the expression of some of his views and beliefs. His attention and concentration were intact to an extent. 


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After the first level of evaluation, the doctor informed his parents that it can be a case of paranoid schizophrenia and to have a clearer view he prescribed a few blood tests and MRI to rule out other medical conditions. Dr. Smith also informed them that they can explore the marketplace of PatientMD for grabbing some of the best deals. Being highly impressed with Dr. Smith’s behavior, they thought of giving the marketplace a try! And they were doubly impressed with the fascinating deals pertaining to MRI and blood tests.

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David’s test reports were uploaded in his Personal Health Record (PHR) for which his parents received a notification. With the help of the messaging services, his parents messaged Dr. Smith and reminded him to have a look at the reports.


The messaging feature of PatientMD helps the doctors to remain in contact with patients and track their daily progress. The patients can view the messages of their respective doctors as many times they wish to get reminded of what was said. 

David’s parents scheduled a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Smith. During the e-consultation, David was prescribed a few medicines along with Psychotherapy sessions for two months.


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Dr. Smith referred David to a Psychotherapist with the help of the Referral services of PatientMD. And once again, the ease of online scheduling and the instant availability of his Personal Health Records saved both David’s parents and the psychotherapist by having all of his medical data available. 


PatientMD provides a platform that helps a doctor to streamline communications among specialists, primary care physicians, and health providers involved in a patient’s care. Our Referral section and Network-based EHR works with a physicians’ present EHR and helps in providing timely updates on patient status which leads to enhanced patient satisfaction.

David was recovering slowly and his violent behavior was under control. Additionally, the educational video tutorials greatly helped David and his parents to learn tons of vital information about this medical condition and also how to continue to lead a normal life.

Educational Videos and News

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David’s parents were very much satisfied with the overall process and also recommended the practice to their relatives and friends.