See Your Physician Online and Avoid the Waiting Room

How Telemedicine Can Save your time

One of the worst things about going to see the doctor is a 10-minute appointment, which means half the day. By the time you drive there, you might have accomplished many other tasks, check-in and wait for who knows how long. The field of medicine has lagged in a world of fast-paced technology and on-demand services.

Most people use smartphones and tablets now to do everything, from shopping to paying bills. The days of waiting in line are becoming a thing of the past. The demand of people to have easy access to the doctor through Telemedicine appointment is on the rise.

As you are aware, there have been significant advances in the field of medicine. It is often thought that technology has exceeded what the doctors can even do with it. This has been true for medical advancements, which include radiology, surgical, and oncology technology, but has not included information technology. Although the electronic medical record has been around for some time, many physicians have been reluctant to use it.

With the acceptance of the personal health record, it has opened the door to medical practices for all the other computer-based technologies that are available. Nowadays, Doctors also have informative web sites. Your doctor may even have a Facebook page. There is now integration of other software-based systems such as radiology, coding/billing, laboratory, and more easily synced into your health record. So why can’t it be easier to see the doctor? The electronic medical record has sped things up. Doctors can easily pull up your health record at the appointment and view everything from your labs, x-rays, and other office notes from specialists. This saves time (and money) instead of looking around for this info at your appointment.

The convenience of Telemedicine appointments

Very recently, some medical companies have taken the next logical step in seeing a doctor. The answer is not to have to go to the office to see the doctor. The field of telemedicine is now emerging. Although not a new idea, it is finally taken hold given the ease to which it can be integrated into your personal health record. The idea is that you would be able to “teleconference” with your doctor either by video streaming, call, or message. Although telephone calls don’t seem innovative, they are in the sense that it becomes a part of your record and considered an “office visit.” The idea behind scheduling a Telemedicine appointment is to provide quick access and care to a patient for straight forward medical conditions that don’t need to be seen in the office. Video-visits frees up time for the doctor to spend in person with sicker patients and, most importantly, for you to spend doing something else. PatientMD offers telehealth consultation through which you don’t have to worry about competing for your doctor’s attention. Your doctor will give you his or her complete care for your entire appointment duration. No interruptions, no excusing themselves from the room while they go to another patient down the hall. Your doctor will stay focused on your concerns until your appointment is finished. You can even grab some amazing video consultation offers by PatientMD.

Telemedicine is in a very nascent stage. Doctors are still lagging, integrating it into most practices. Like anything, however, it will catch on and is predicted to be the future of medicine. Consumer demand for easier access to services using technologies such as smartphones and tabs will become the driving force for medical practices to integrate this form of patient visit into their practice.

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