Social Media: Bane or Boon

Is social media a boon or a bane?

Technology is growing day-by-day and it has brought a number of benefits to the society as well a number of disadvantages. With the advancement in technology, social media has grown considerably over the last few years. The growth rate has been significantly high since the year 2006. Popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have attracted millions of users within a few years. Social media is being used both by progressed nations to under-developed countries and it has enhanced lives. Social media has even affected the lives of many. It has itself provided positive and negative ways for people.

The usage of anything totally depends on the user but still, social media has negative impacts on the users, willingly or unwillingly. Let us first discuss the disadvantages as there are a number of benefits unless users are willing to use it in a negative way.

Disadvantages of social media:

Cyberbullying: According to reports, a number of children have become victims of social media bullying over the past five years. It is possible to create a fake account and conduct activities without getting traced. Therefore, it is quite easy for anyone to bully anyone on the internet. It is quite possible to send threats and spread rumour to masses with the use of social media.

Addiction: Social media can be addictive once anyone get a hang of it. It can disturb the personal life and as observed most teenagers are affected. People get cut off from society due to becoming too engrossed in the use of social media platforms. Social media platforms take up most of the time that can otherwise be spent on productive work.

Security problems: The privacy is compromised when an account is created in any social media platform because security agencies now have access to people’s personal accounts. One might never know when an investigation officer visits anyone’s personal account due to any discussion that they have had over social media platforms.

Relationship issues: Social media platform has become a platform for many people in building relationships. However, as time passes by it may be found that people have taken a wrong decision and so they are parting ways. Such a platform is also a means of sharing false information.

Fraud and scams: Social media have also become a way of scams and committing fraud. People may click on shortened URLs and through this, they may go to the desired site or even unwillingly download a malware. One may easily find cash grabs (cybercriminals in need of quick money) or even receive phishing requests.

Health issue:

One may have to deal with the negative impact of social media on their health too. Most people do not exercise due to spending too much time on social media platforms. This ultimately results in disorder in the routine life.

Reputation: Someone’s reputation can easily be ruined through the use of social media. The same can be said in case of any business as the reputation can be ruined by the reviews of customers.

Death: According to reports, many accidents took place that resulted in death and all this is sudden to the use of social media. People tend to follow stunts that they see people doing successfully on social media.

Advantages of using social media:

Connectivity: The most importance of social media is the connectivity. People have the opportunity of connecting with anyone around the world irrespective of the distance. There is also an option of learning and sharing information with like-minded people.

Help: People can get help in case any trouble shows up suddenly. Help even in the form of cash or in the form of advice can be obtained from the social media sites.

Information and updates: One can be easily informed about the latest happenings around the world with the use of social media. With some research and the help of social media, it is possible to get the facts and information easily that might not be otherwise available.

Education: When used in the correct way, social media can be beneficial for students and teachers. Via social media one can teach as well as learn new things regardless of the location and education background.

Brand promotion: Have an online or offline business? Then the brand can be promoted through social media. The whole world can view the products and services and the businesses will flourish and be in a profitable position. The business can reach out to the right customers with the help of social media. The reputation of a business is also improved thereby increasing sales. When good words are shared over the internet then it can have a positive effect on the business.

Awareness: People are becoming more aware and they are able to discover new and innovative things that enhance the personal lives of people. Almost all the people using social media can be benefitted from this awareness factor of social media.

Noble cause: Social media can be used for noble causes too. People can promote NGO and other social activities for the welfare of needy people.

Build communities: There are different religions and beliefs in our world. Social media plays a role in developing communities of any religion. People can discuss and learn from such communities by being a part of it. Likewise, people from different communities can connect to share information and discuss related matters.

These are the pros and cons that social media has to offer. Now it is up to the people which way they want to go.