Telemedicine Services Going Strong Post-Pandemic Closures

Health Care Post-Pandemic Closures: The Rise of Telemedicine

COVID-19 has completely changed many aspects of our lives, possibly forever, and the healthcare industry is no exception. As COVID-19 becomes more common, patients and healthcare providers alike are looking for ways to reduce potential contact with infectious diseases while still providing necessary treatment.

Here are the reasons which indicate Telemedicine is here to stay!

Accessibility to care

PatientMD Telemedicine services provide a wide range of advantages that are difficult to achieve through traditional in-person health care. First and foremost, it improves access to health care for underserved or marginalized populations. This is especially helpful for those living in rural communities or who live far away from adequate healthcare facilities. Furthermore, for those who work multiple jobs or long hours, taking time off from work may be difficult, if not impossible.

For patients in these circumstances, PatientMD telehealth providers offer a much more accessible option by conducting appointments via audio, video, or chat which eliminates the need for these patients to come to a doctor’s office for non-emergent reasons such as a checkup or an update on new information. This also allows for much-needed flexibility in scheduling appointments and avoids potentially lengthy wait times.

Care for elderly and immuno-compromised individuals 

Furthermore, accessibility extends to more vulnerable members of the population, which is especially important in our current situation with COVID-19. Many elderly, disabled, and immunocompromised people find it difficult to leave their homes because of the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Virtual appointments via Telemedicine ensure the safety of these vulnerable individuals by reducing the risk of contracting any contagious illness from a doctor's office, which is invaluable for medically vulnerable groups. This virtual aspect alleviates that stress and allows the patient to discuss matters with their doctor from the comfort of their own home, rather than potentially putting themselves in a stressful situation for something that could be done in 15 minutes over the phone.

Remote Patient Monitoring systems is the need of the hour

PatientMD introduces remote patient monitoring systems, which can provide numerous benefits by collecting various health data from patients in real-time using technology such as smartphones or other wearable medical devices. This can help monitor elderly patients in the case of a fall, chronic illness, or other medical emergencies. Diabetic patients can also benefit greatly from this system. The patient’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices will be in sync with the Patient’s PHR which will send data to the Doctor's RPM systems. This data will help the doctor to effectively evaluate the condition and react quickly to any deviations/abnormalities. Doctors can monitor chronic illnesses in real-time such as cardiopulmonary disease, asthma, and heart failure in patients remotely. Remote monitoring of oxygen saturation in COVID-19 pneumonia cases may allow for safe disease follow-up.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has brought some hospitals to capacity, there is growing concern that we will face a similar situation in the future, with some patients unable to receive the care they require. As the world continues to adjust to this disease, it seems that telemedicine will be able to meet the needs of patients and the healthcare industry, especially as the demand for this system continues to increase. PatientMD provides an AI-driven platform where you will get a huge range of online health management services.

Many patients and providers have already experienced the benefits of using telemedicine. This indicates the use of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring is likely to continue and grow in the future. 

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