To Rush or Not to When to Consult a Rash Specialist Doctor?

Skin Problems How Serious Is Mine? Do I Need a Doctor?

While it is pretty much common for most people to ignore a rash when it appears, not all the rashes are benign or harmless and some of them might not even be cured with OTC or over-the-counter medication. If you have recently developed a rash and you are uncertain about what could have caused it in the first place, Suburban Wellness in Illinois can help diagnose its type and recommend the appropriate course of treatment for soothing your symptoms. Call us now and schedule an appointment today with a rash specialist doctor at Homer Glen. If it not possible for you to attend an in-person visit anytime soon and for whatsoever reason, you may choose to book a real-time video consultation with a board-certified dermatologist by registering on PatientMD, a state-of-the-art healthcare platform that strives to make quality care available and affordable for all.

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Rash 101

When an area of your skin becomes irritated and swollen, the condition is clinically termed as dermatitis, or more commonly, a rash, which may be red, itchy, and/or painful. Dermatitis may even cause blisters on your skin or make it dry/scaly. 

When people have a rash, many are to seek refuge in a topical antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream and although they may work in non-critical skin infections, these are not useful for all kinds of rashes. Hence, it is highly suggested that you should pay a visit to Suburban Wellness as early as possible, or book an e-visit through the aforementioned PatientMD platform without any delay for timely diagnosis and suitable course of treatment. 


Several factors are accountable for developing the rashes, including the following. 

  • Oak or poison ivy
  • Exposure to sunlight or heat
  • Contact with any chemical that irritates the skin, for instance, bleach
  • Allergic reaction to latex, soap, or food
  • A rash may also develop in the event your skin gets irritated. For instance, a baby diaper could cause friction against the wearer’s skin. If your skin is exposed to the cold, dry weather, your cheeks may have a rash too.
  • When to seek medical assistance
  • If you have developed a rash of late and you are not sure about its cause, it is imperative for you to seek care at Suburban Wellness, or opt for a virtual visit by accessing next-generation telemedicine services from the PatientMD website mentioned earlier. 

You must call the office as soon as possible if any, some, or all of the following are applicable.

  • You have a rash and fever both
  • The rash has affected your entire body
  • It is blistery or painful
  • The rash is growing and spreading very fast
  • Your rash is weepy or secreting a green/yellow fluid


Your treatment choices are decided by the severity and cause of your rash, which may range from oral antihistamine to special creams/ moisturizers and wet dressings to antibiotics. The physician may also prescribe you an oatmeal bath or phototherapy if required. Get in touch with Suburban Wellness or PatientMD to help you identify and treat your skin-related complications sooner and better.