Top tips for healthy eyes

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing eye disease is by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

When we think of health, somewhere our eyes are left behind. Our eyes are also an important part of our health. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these vital organs from diseases and damage. There are a number of things that you can do to protect your eyes.

Eat right for a healthy sight:

One of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing eye disease is by eating a healthy and balanced diet. You have probably heard that carrots are good for the eyes, right? However, eating a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables is also important for keeping your eyes healthy. Vegetables such as dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, collard greens) are especially beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin A, C and E are also needed for the eyes and so include 4 to 5 servings of fruit per day. Eating fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids are also good for the eyes.

Family history:

You must talk to your family members about their eye health history. It is important for you to know if anyone in your family is affected by any disease or not as it can be hereditary. This will help you to know if you are at the risk of developing the disease.

Take breaks:

The eye muscles become active when you work on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone. Such activity may result in tiredness and headaches even for those with normal sight. To avoid such situation, you can follow the 20/20/20 rule. After every 20 minutes, you must look at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can also prevent your eyes from drying out by blinking quite often.

Avoid dry eyes:

Your eyes become dry and sore if they are not able to produce enough tears or if you have poor quality tears. This situation can get worse if your eyes are subjected to air-conditioning and computer usage. Some people can also suffer from dry eyes due to a health condition or due to some medication. Such irritation of the eyes can be reduced by lubricating eye drops. You must ensure that you are drinking enough water and you are also blinking often. In case your eyes are always dry, you must consult an optometrist.

Wear sunglasses:

Wearing sunglasses is important as your vision will be more comfortable in the sun while protecting it from the UV light. At the time of choosing the sunglasses, you will have to ensure that you are choosing sunglasses that carry British Standard marks. How you look in those glares is important, but more important is that your eyes should be protected fromUV rays, so focus on that more! 

Stop smoking:

Many might not be aware of the link between eye disease and smoking. If you smoke, then you should stop immediately since it increases the risk of developing eye diseases (cataracts, macular degeneration). It is actually never too late to quit smoking.

Wear prescribed lenses or glasses:

As we get older by the day, many eye problems might develop. It is highly recommended to use prescribed sunglasses and contact lenses. This will ensure that your eyes work more efficiently.

Maintain a healthy weight:

If an individual is overweight or obese then it can lead to various problems in the future. For example, the individual is prone to conditions such as diabetes that may lead to vision loss. Consult a dietician in case you are having trouble with your weight.

You should always keep in mind that optometrist is the person, whom you should visit if you start seeing some problems with your eyes. Your problem can be assessed easily by an optometrist and he/she will refer you to the right person for treatment. For more such articles, visit, PatientMD.