Ways to Grow your Healthcare Practice in 2021

Grow your Healthcare Practice with PatientMD

With more people getting vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions gradually being lifted, medical practices are in a better position to resume “normal” day-to-day operations. Following a challenging 2020, many practices face the difficult task of regaining lost revenue and ensuring patients return to their regular care routines.

While there is still much work to be done, practices have a significant opportunity to reengage their patients. People are more involved in their healthcare than ever before, thanks to the availability of 24/7 virtual care options. Individuals who did not previously seek preventive medical care may now be looking for a primary care provider because health-related concerns have risen to the top of their priority list.

If your medical practice requires revitalized tactics to begin receiving an influx of patients, try implementing these four consumer attention-getting strategies.

1. Maintain Consistent Outreach

With one in every five adults in the United States delaying care due to the pandemic, now is the ideal time to reengage patients and encourage them to begin actively managing their health and wellness. To continually stay connected with patients, PatientMD introduces Bidirectional Chat which will help you send a mass text to your new and existing patients, appointment reminders, blog links, chat with patients, send information through push messaging and much more. Your patients will prefer communicating with your practice via text and it’ll free up your phone lines.

PatientMD also provides a user-friendly Appointment Manager which can be easily integrated with your clinic, telemedicine, and house calls. It will be interoperable with your EHR as well. With PatientMD Telemedicine services, your practice can offer new ways to engage patients with your practice. Our 100% HIPAA-compliant Simplified Video call & Text module is sure to enhance the patient experience. Patients will return to your practice if they believe you are providing services that are responsive to their needs.

2. Offer Patients Convenient Mobile Options

Throughout the pandemic, more of us have embraced the ability to complete any task online – from paying bills to grocery shopping. This level of mobile convenience will undoubtedly be expected in healthcare in the future. Allowing patients to complete everything from appointment self-scheduling to pre-registration and intake forms online provides the hassle-free experience they seek. The ability to digitally store personal and insurance information improves convenience by allowing patients to quickly confirm or update details during check-in. 

Since patients are so familiar with navigating the digital landscape, incorporating these capabilities into the scheduling and check-in process via technology like PatientMD’s Patient Engagement platform will give them the confidence required to approach your practice directly and proactively schedule in-person or virtual visits.

3. Improve your Online Reputation

It's critical to get patient feedback on a regular basis if you want to improve your reputation. Your practice's performance is influenced by reviews. A staggering 94% of patients read reviews about practices and providers. At least 72% of them use reviews as a starting point when looking for a new provider. Provide surveys to your patients to gauge their satisfaction with your services. Asking for feedback demonstrates that you care about your patients. This transforms your practice's reputation into one of a patient-centered practice, allowing you to expand through the recommendations of your current patients.

PatientMD helps you maintain a positive brand identity in the eyes of your patients. We help you with the rapid resolution of negative reviews. We also post articles, blogs, and whitepapers to help nurture your brand identity. To know more about our different Online Reputation strategies, just connect with us. We reach out to patients and invite them to rate and review our doctors on google and on our platform.

4. Mobile Medical Apps

A practicing physician has difficulty separating the roles of practicing physician and business owner, i.e. providing better patient care vs increasing patient flow and revenue. The PatientMD app improves patient care, increases productivity by time management, and of course, eventually generates more profits. With appointment scheduler, networked EHR, Community, Doctor’s network, Bidirectional chat, eRx, and many more features can help your practice achieve better-coordinated clinical workflow and real-time access to patient health information, meaning patients receive an extraordinary healthcare experience.  

If your medical practice takes the time to implement the strategies discussed, you will be able to meet the expectations of your patients while staying current with the changing dynamics of the healthcare market. Practices can restore their operations and create a steady stream of new and returning patients by putting the patient first and anticipating their overall needs.

PatientMD is an AI-driven Digital Health Platform that provides patient engagement solutions and digital marketing services to healthcare businesses, resulting in impressive results and increased revenue. Our services can be integrated into your website and marketed to attract and engage new patients to accelerate the growth of your practice.