Webinar on Digital Revolution

A Discussion on Big-data, Robotics, and Surgery: The Digital Revolution Continues

Digital technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data have great potential to transform healthcare delivery. 

Today, digital technology is deeply intertwined with every aspect of healthcare diagnosis, delivery, management, and research around the world. The healthcare sector is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of mobility and connectivity, which are altering healthcare delivery and management in unprecedented ways. Microprocessors, miniature electronic circuits, wired and wireless digital networks are now being used to develop healthcare systems and medical devices, which are gradually replacing older generations of analog and mechanical electromechanical devices used in patient monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.

What is gripping about these technologies is their ability to add more intelligence to medical decisions and research in healthcare.

Dr. Christ Pavlatos, CEO of PatientMD, Partner at IBJI will enlighten us with his knowledge on the topic “Big data, robotics and surgery: the digital revolution continues” at WISE: World Investors & Entrepreneurs Summit organized by World Investors and Entrepreneurs Society (WISE). It is one of the biggest gatherings of entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers from January 8th to 13th in San Francisco, CA.

There will be other honorable speakers highlighted below:

Dr. Gary Goldman MD, DDS, MBA, Founding, Managing General Partner, Global Health Impact Fund & Network

Dr. Michael Byrne, MD, CEO, Satisfai Health, Inc.

Justin Hall-Tipping, CEO Medical iSight, Former Partner, SG Capital

Dr. Chris Kager, MD MBA, General Partner, VC, Global Health Impact Fund

WISE 2022 brings a global ecosystem of investors (angels, family offices, venture capital, private equity) and successful entrepreneurs together to create more opportunities, partnerships, collaboration, acquisition, and investment. The rise of digital technologies in healthcare is going to take root. Looking ahead, the digital revolution has the potential to be a true game-changer for patients, particularly in disease management, aging, and the discovery and development of new medical innovations. Nonetheless, it is extremely crucial to use these digital tools wisely. Finally, healthcare providers who devise new strategies that balance the risk and rewards of digital technologies will indeed achieve economic value in the long run.