What Patients Expect From A Positive Healthcare Experience

What Do Patients Truly Desire From A Positive Healthcare Experience

Patients now wield far more power than they did previously in their interactions with healthcare providers and payers. Massive digital technology growth, combined with service experiences they've had in other industries, means it's critical to establish a clear understanding of people's expectations if you want to successfully deliver healthcare, whether public or private.

In the last year or so, healthcare ecosystems around the world have been put to the test in previously unimaginable ways. It even became difficult to find an experienced doctor nearby. 

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Patients are dissatisfied with one-way, one-size-fits-all treatment. They anticipate that certain key factors will facilitate caring that is kind, convenient, and equitable. locate an experienced doctor

The Patient Experience Is Defined

The term "patient experience" refers to the variety of interactions that patients have with the health care system, including care from health plans as well as doctors, physician practices, nurses, and staff in hospitals, and other health care facilities. Patient experience, as an essential component of health care quality, includes several aspects of health care delivery that patients value highly when seeking and receiving care, such as easy access to information, timely appointments, and good communication with health care providers.

Understanding the patient experience is a critical step toward patient-centered care. By examining various aspects of the patient experience, one can determine the extent to which patients are receiving care that is respectful of and responsive to their individual preferences, needs, and values. Evaluating patient experience in addition to other components such as effectiveness and safety of care is critical for providing a complete picture of healthcare quality. PatientMD is an all-in-one Online Health Management solution provider that enhances every patient touchpoint.

Four of their most important expectations have been identified:

1. Emotional support

Bedside manner has long been a watchword for patients who want more from their caregivers than just medical advice and treatment. Our research found that emotional support combined with clear medical information delivered with empathy is a winning combination. However, the emphasis varies slightly across generations.

2. Technology-driven convenience and accessibility

Our survey reveals a significant increase in virtual consultations and EHRs during the COVID-19 pandemic, with convenience being the most compelling reason to use virtual technology. According to the survey, the most popular technologies used to manage respondents' health in the previous year were virtual consultations (23%), EHRs (21%), mobile apps (20%), and wearables (19%).

3. Trust—through data protection

Digital adoption is unlikely to reach its full potential without people's trust. Unfortunately, without digital adoption, emotional support and convenient access are jeopardized. People's awareness of the value of their health data—and the need for their consent, as well as its secure and appropriate use—has grown as a result of the pandemic-driven increase in virtual care.

4. Equitable access for all

When people are unable to afford care, they are more likely to engage in cost-cutting behaviors that may jeopardize their health. They may substitute over-the-counter medication for prescribed treatments, miss an appointment with a medical provider, or postpone treatment or medication, all of which can lead to more severe illness or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

Relating Patient Experience to Other Quality Measures

A positive patient experience is a worthwhile goal in and of itself. Furthermore, substantial evidence suggests a positive relationship between various aspects of patient experiences, such as good communication between providers and patients, and a number of critical health care processes and outcomes. Patient adherence to medical advice, improved clinical outcomes, improved patient safety practices, and lower utilization of unnecessary health care services are examples of these processes and outcomes. locate an experienced doctor

Processes and outcomes can be influenced by factors other than patient experience. This is one of the reasons why it is critical to combine patient experience measures with other quality measures when attempting to create an overall picture of performance. PatientMD has made it easier to find an experienced doctor as per the preference of the patients anytime and from anywhere. Want to know more about PatientMD services? Text us at +18727048154.