When to call your physician about High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure symptoms: When to seek medical help

Conditions like high blood pressure, hypertension are often scary, because it’s easy to have them and not know it. So, blood pressure is often considered the “silent killer” as most of the time, it has no obvious symptoms to indicate that something is wrong.

If undetected and untreated, hypertension can cause serious cardiac diseases. That’s why it is essential to have regular physical examinations to make sure your blood pressure is within the range. If your blood pressure has ever been high, if you have a family history of hypertension, or if you are gaining weight, then its time to visit the Best Hypertension Doctor in Homer Glen.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force of your blood as it flows through the arteries in your body. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. When your heart beats, it pushes blood through your arteries. As the blood flows, it puts pressure on your artery walls. This is called blood pressure. High blood pressure (also called hypertension) happens when the blood is flowing at a higher than average rate through your arteries. Many different things can cause high blood pressure. This can cause health problems if your blood pressure gets too high or remains high for a long time. Uncontrolled high blood pressure puts you at a higher risk for cardiac disease, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure.

There are two types of high blood pressure.

Primary hypertension: This is also referred to as essential hypertension. It is called when the high blood pressure has no known cause. This is the most prevalent form of hypertension. Blood pressure of this type usually takes many years to develop. It possibly comes from your lifestyle, your environment, and how your body changes as you age.

  • Secondary hypertension: This is when a health problem or medication causes blood pressure. Things that can cause secondary hypertension include:
  • Problems related to kidney
  • adrenal or thyroid gland problems
  • sleep apnea
  • some medications
  • Symptoms of high blood pressure
  • Most individuals with elevated blood pressure have no symptoms. This is why it is sometimes called “the silent killer.” It is essential to have your blood pressure checked regularly.
  • Some people with high blood pressure suffer headaches, nosebleeds or shortness of breath. Such symptoms can, however, mimic many other things (dangerous or non-serious). Such symptoms usually arise after blood pressure has reached a dangerously high level over some time. Suburban Wellness helps you connect with the High Blood Pressure doctor near homer glen through PatientMD. PatientMD helps you book appointments online in the most hassle-free manner.

What causes high blood pressure?

Food, lifestyle, age, medicine and genetics can cause high blood pressure. Your doctor can help you find out what might be causing yours. Prevalent factors that can cause hypertension include:

  • A diet high in salt, fat, and/or cholesterol
  • Chronic conditions such as hormone problems and kidney, diabetes, and high cholesterol
  • Family history, especially if your parents or relatives have high blood pressure
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • The older you are, the higher the blood pressure is
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Some birth control medicines.
  • Stress
  • Tobacco use or drinking too much alcohol

What are the treatments for high blood pressure?

High blood pressure treatments require improvements in a heart-healthy lifestyle, as well as medications. Suburban Wellness helps you work with your provider to come up with a treatment plan. It may include only lifestyle changes. These changes can be beneficial, such as heart-healthy eating and exercising. But the changes often don’t regulate or lower the blood pressure. Then you may need to take medicine. There are different types of blood pressure medicines. Some people have more than one form to take. If you have another medical condition or medication, causing your high blood pressure, treating that condition or stopping the medicine may lower your blood pressure.

Be aware of your risk factors-the physical and lifestyle features that may make you more likely to develop high blood pressure. Awareness of your risks can help you identify positive changes that you can make. Do everything you can to prevent the serious problems that may come from being too high blood pressure for too long.