Why concierge care is embraced by the masses?

Reasons why people choose concierge care

Nobody wants to spend hours in the waiting room, only to have a few quick minutes with the Physicians. It is very frustrating to wait for weeks or even months to see your practitioner. As per a recent survey, it was found that Americans wait around 24 days to see a new doctor. And once they get there, would-be patients can expect to cool their heels for an average of about eighteen


Many people want a more personal experience when they visit the physician, and they want the physician to know all about them and to care about them on a personal level. This is exactly where concierge medicine comes in.

Concierge medicine is surging in popularity across the country. But what is concierge care, and why you must consider it as an option?

The concept of Concierge Medicine

You may have heard of "retainer medicine," or a "concierge medical practice" from your friends or in the news and wondered about it. This subject is not at all complex, as opposed to many aspects of medical care. If you would like to receive prompt and personal medical attention from your Family Practice Physician in New Jersey or a specialist, concierge medicine may be best for you. This type of medical practice offers the ability to have a strong relationship between you and your physician, and the appointment is never rushed- so the physician can provide more personal, comprehensive medical attention, and treatment. This highly convenient and pleasant medical service from a physician is made possible by paying a monthly or annual fee. Concierge care is based on the principle that an upfront investment in your wellness should translate into a reduction in severe healthcare occurrences.

Here are some of the advantages of Concierge Care.

Immediate Access

Scheduling an appointment with your physician can take days or even weeks. This innovative model can cut down waiting times to less than an hour. Besides, you can get 24-hour access to your physician by using your phone or email. Immediate access improves patient experience and helps reassure patients that they have continuous control over their condition.


In addition to reduced waiting times, concierge medicine also helps maintain privacy while you wait for a physician. Physicians who practice concierge medicine have clinics that usually provide private waiting areas for their patients. Private waiting areas help maintain patient privacy and improve their overall experience.

Personalized Care

Though personalized care is considered the most important part of a patient-physician interaction, it is quite rare. The main problem being a shorter interaction time. Because physicians have to see many patients each day, they often have very little time to discuss patient problems during a visit. But with Concierge care, patients can discuss their problems in detail with the doctors without worrying about the time duration. With Telemedicine Services New Jersey for concierge medicine in place, concierge physicians can now see patients in much the same way they do during in-person office visits. PatientMD assists Mobile Medicine New Jersey to treat its patients over secure HIPAA compliant telemedicine services. Patients can connect with the physicians as per their convenience from the comfort of their home over audio, video, and text chat.

Preventive Care

It is a common scenario that physicians spend less than 30 minutes explaining preventive approaches for communicable and non-communicable diseases to their patients. Most of the time, it is only the therapeutic approaches they discuss with their patients. However, with concierge practice, physicians and patients can discuss the preventive approaches at length and come up with a deeper insight into the problems.

Coordination with specialists

For a complicated health condition, the physician might need to coordinate with a specialist. Such conditions are more common when a patient has more than one disease, which is frequently seen in elderly patients. The concierge physician not only coordinates with other providers but may also accompany patients during a visit to the specialist. Besides, the physician’s clinic may also provide facilities for some clinical tests.

The bottom line

Concierge medicine presents a win-win situation where both patients and physicians benefit. For patients, it means better medical care and improved health outcomes. For physicians, it means enhanced satisfaction and a chance to provide dedicated healthcare. Concierge medicine offers choices to patients. They can either stick to conventional care or switch to concierge physicians who can provide more personalized care with a host of other interesting features.