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Advanced genetic testing for your employees

  • Prevention of disease is the best way to curb healthcare costs.
  • Provide the most advanced test to your valued employees.
  • Get a customized workflow that includes enlisting to report sending in a single dashboard.

Are you an employee?

The healthcare costs in all parts of the globe are steadily rising . During 1960s, in US it was a mere 5% of GDP and by 2020 it is projected to be nearly 20% of GDP in US.Prevention of diseases is the best way to curb this expenditure , but the budget on preventive is merely 3%.

As employer offering genomic tests to your employees as a preventive and predictive test may offer many benefits:

  • You may join the race of “being first” in your sector to provide the most advanced tests for your valued employees
  • It may help you to build a more competitive workforce as the predictive test, ensuring better life and health management from life threatening conditions, the value of the provision may be perceived to be as good as salary
  • It is more helpful for  them to prevent and minimize suffering than reimburse the cost of treatment once the disease is acquired
  • These tests may be provided as reward programs for the most well performing employees
  • This will create an organizational structure that promotes health and wellness
  • Knowledge of predisposition to a particular disease results in early detection. It not only ensures better cure but also reduces expenditure and sick periods. The expenditure of this predictive testing is fraction of the cost of treatment of such diseases.

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Your wellness program: redefined

We help to detect the inborn risks of your employees and devise ways for a better prevention and management of deadly diseases including cancer and cardiac problems

Bank on our expertise

We employ the best practices on genetic testing using painless non-invasive procedure. All tests are performed in legally compliant state of the art labs.

Information decoded

The genetic information will be explained to the individual through our genetic experts and then may be shared with doctors to create a personalized screening and lifestyle modification plans.

Significantly lowering of treatment costs

Prediction of susceptibility and regular screening not only helps in very early detection, but also significantly reduced cost and time of treatment

Easy workflow

An automated workflow customized for your organization that integrates the entire process from enlisting to report sending in a single dashboard

Online and Onsite support

Our experts will be happily explaining all the benefits and create awareness about the value of the test.We also work closely with your HR and medical support teams.

Reports and statistics for you

Periodical reports will be sent to you about the coverage of the employees under the tests and segment wise data of participants.

To learn more about how our tests works for your employees and you,

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