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Advanced genetic testing for your patients

We provide the best service for your patients at a competent price. The results will be clearly explained by genetic experts. Choose from our range of products according to the needs of your patient.

Our laboratories are HIPAA and CLIA compliant. To ensure the integrity of the test result, we use the latest technology in our laboratory.

The reports are easily interpretable that also includes discussion about findings and implications. It will also provide you with guidelines that will help in screening and managing the problem, if any.

Our tests done in the most advanced labs and analytics platform gives the best to your patients for the most competent price. The results are clearly explained by our genetic experts.

State of the art infractructure

Our modern laboratories at the cutting edge of science are also HIPAA and CLIA compliant.

Our reports are easy to decipherer, complete with detailed discussion about the mythology, findings and implications. On a positive case, there are guidelines for screening, management and suggestions for preventions included in the report.

PatientMD aims at making the personal genomic testing more affordable and thus transforming the healthcare of tomorrow

Its better to prevent than treat

You may consider to refer a patient if:

The patient or family member is diagnosed with cancer or other diseases at a young age,

A patient presents with features of a genetic or inherited condition or with a family history of such a condition

A patient with a strong family history of a disease or predisposing ethnicity has questions about genetic testing

A couple is worried about the wellbeing of their ward. Tests like prediction of cystic fibrosis may render huge protection

Pregnant women and couples considering starting a family are referred to genetics for preconception or prenatal risk assessments.

Choose from our specific products to suit the needs of you patients:

Hereditary cancer test panel

Breast cancer panel

Hereditary cardiac disease panel

Male and female infertilitysked

Cystic fibrosis panel

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