Orthopedic Treatment Packages in India

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PatientMD offers Orthopedics packages that include Diagnosis of the injury or the problem, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention at reasonable costs. We align specialized surgeons and consultants working across IndiaÔÇÖs highly reputed hospitals. These packages are suited to patients across all nations as well as sports professionals. The services are backed with state-of-the -art technology for surgical therapies and treatments. Orthopedic Surgery Treatment packages include: Minimally invasive surgery, Hip replacement surgery and Knee replacement surgery, treatment for Sports related injuries, Hand and wrist surgery, Robotic Orthopedic Surgery,┬áCervical surgery, Arthroscopic surgery, Foot and ankle surgery and more.

Orthopedics - Joint Replacement
TKR (Unilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant
TKR (Unilateral) - Hi Flex Implant
TKR (Unilateral) - Uni Knee
TKR (Bilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant
TKR (Bilateral) - RPF
THR (Unilateral) - Routine 1
THR (Unilateral) - Routine 2
THR (Unilateral) - ASR
THR (Unilateral) - Unipolar ASR
THR (Unilateral) - Proxima
THR (Bilateral) - Routine 1
THR (Bilateral) - Routine 2
THR (Bilateral) - ASR
THR (Bilateral) - Unipolar ASR
THR (Bilateral) - Proxima
Ankle Replacement Surgery
Elbow Replacement Surgery 
Total Hand Surgery
Ankle Replacement
Shoulder Replacement
Single (Including Implant)
Double (Including Implant)
Shaving of cartilage
Ligament Reconstruction - ACL, PCL
Ankle Arthroscopy
Knee Arthroscopy
Elbow Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Hip Arthroscopy
Tendon Repair

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