(Personal Health Record)

Fill Your PHR

Easily Access Your PHR On PatientMD Platform

PHR in healthcare: An electronic application helping patients to manage and maintain their health information through a secure and authorized environment. It’s time to shift from a state of "sick care" to actual health care practiced through self-care.


Database Of Your Medical Conditions

Compile all your health details in one place and keep updating it to monitor and share with your doctor.


Create, Upload and Share Medications

Are you tired of keeping track of all your medications? You can record all your prescriptions, dosages, and end dates securely on your PatientMD PHR.


Keep track on your Health data

Want to track, monitor and maintain your health? PatientMD PHR provides all your health data in-between visits to receive the best care.

Lab And Imaging Results

A detailed record of all your lab and imaging tests :

  • The doctor who performed the test.
  • When and where the test was performed?
  • What was the associated medical condition?
  • What was the result?