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Every sector of modern life has been eased by technology, so why not the most important- "your health"?
Thanks to PatientMD Telemedicine Services, you can now obtain the care you need.

Types of Online Consultations Available on PatientMD Platform

scheduled telemedicine
Scheduled Telemedicine
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text
live chat telemedicine
Live Chat
chat consult
Chat Consultation
Lack of communication?
Do not worry anymore.

PatientMD has opened a new doorway to reach leading healthcare specialists! Easily make a telemedicine appointment with doctors through any form of communication (video, voice, message)

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Live Or Not Live?

Doctors can choose how they want to be seen by the patients! Not ready for LIVE SESSION, select "NOT LIVE", and start scheduling your telemedicine consults.

Access Patient-Shared PHR

Once a telemedicine consult is accepted, the Doctors can view the patient's PHR which is shared with them. This helps the doctor get a complete view of the patient's medical history and arrive at an informed diagnosis.

What are our Clients saying

I am a working mom with 3 kids. So, it's really challenging if any one of them gets sick. But now I can talk to a doctor anytime 24X7 from anywhere whether I am home or in the office. PatientMD telemedicine service is a game-changer.

Sue Adams

Being a patient, in my opinion, it is very right to say that, "telemedicine is the need of today." With the help of PatientMD telemedicine, I got immediate medication right from the comfort of my home. I highly recommend everyone to avail the facility of the PatientMD telemedicine service. You can get connected with your preferred physician within a few minutes.


I was blown away by how easy it was to use the program when I started using 'PatientMD Appointment Scheduler'. It was very easy to edit, cancel, and reschedule appointments on the scheduler. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to record medical appointments frequently.

Jack Adom