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fourth quarter of 2018

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Why Choose Us

Worried about health data security? Get over the traditional EHRs and store your health records with our unique blockchain database.
What can your gene tell about your health? Do you have any hereditary risk? PatientMD will help you understand your genetic risks.
Leverage our top notch Artificial Intelligence framework to make the best possible skin cancer prediction from the comforts of your home.
Tired of maintaining separate records for all your health data? Integrate your fitness data from your fitness wearables into your health records.
Discover the best in class affordable healthcare under the guidance of skilled surgeons, doctors, and support staff. 
Be a part of this ever-growing digital world and give yourself a chance to prosper with the help of our PATIENT token.

PatientMD platform and our token ecosystem

PatientMD's approach is to implement our value added network with well-accepted state-of-the-art mobile technology in the marketplace. As we grow our network and add blockchain to our platform, we will be able to efficiently implement our services and the market. That is the vision for the infrastructure to implement our utility token, the "patient" token.

PatientToken Ecosystem
Fungible Token = Cryptocurrency & Reward / Incentive
  • Pharma
  • Academic Research
  • Clinic Trials
Block ChainSmart contracts
Non-Fungible Token ID & Access
  • EBM
  • Medication Adherence
  • Care Coordination
  • Prevention & Wellness
  • Hospitals
  • Businesses
  • Employers
  • Doctors
  • Insurance
  • Pharma

What can the Patient token be used for

Easy Payments
Internal currency for frictionless payment between patients and doctors for discounted services.
Get incentivized for reviews
Patients will be incentivized using our Patient tokens if they write high quality review.
Rewards and Incentives
Patients will be able to purchase or earn Patient tokens through rewards and incentive programs.
Tokens for clinical research
Patient tokens can be used for participating in clinical trials and/or academic research activity.
Integrate all data into PHR
Patients can build their PHR with clinical, genomic and IoT data integration.
Care Coordination
The token can be used for referral and care coordination compliance.
Our powerful All-in-one solution
We're ushering in a new era of healthcare by building a decentralised platform where patients, doctors and businesses are connected.
ERC223 token
  • Token name - Patient
  • Symbol -
  • Issued - 1 billion
  • Max Supply - 5 billion
  • Rate - 0.20 USD equivalent in ETH and/or BTC
  • Hardcap - 100 million USD
  • Softcap - 50 million USD
Token Distribution
Token Symbol

The balance represents a value that is defined by the contract creator: one token contract might use balances to represent physical objects.

Roadmap and Milestone

  • MarchIdeation of PatientMD
  • AprilMarket Research begins indicating strong demand
  • JuneBackend team hired and architecture and backend development commences
  • JulyLead designer hired
  • SeptemberBegin building iOS and Android Team and development of the Patient and Doctor App
  • OctoberBegin building web development team
  • DecemberData Scientists and Genomics expert hired
  • 2016
  • JanuaryWeb App development for the Patient and Doctor App begins
  • MarchBegin development of Genomics and AI services
  • AprilBegin development of Business and Customer Support/Sales App
  • JulyProject Manager, Marketing and Sales/QA team hired
  • AugustHealthcare Tourism development begins
  • NovemberAdvancement in Appointment Scheduling, Marketplace, PHR/EHR development using FHIR
  • 2017
  • FebruaryAdvancement in Genomics and AI services for image recognition
  • AprilBeta testing of the platform for Patient, Doctor and Business app begins in India
  • JuneMarketing and Sales of Genomic services begins in India
  • JulyFungible and non-fungible token development and blockchain digital wallets for patients through third-party API
  • SeptemberPlatform enters production phase in India
  • OctoberImplementing Permissioned Blockchain for PHR
  • NovemberImplementation of Care Coordination modules
  • 2018
  • JanuaryArchitecture and development of Electronic Prescribing Platform and Orders
  • MarchPatientMD platform enters the US market
  • AprilArchitecture of eligibility, authorization, pre-certifcation services
  • JuneArchitecture development Translation services
  • SeptemberArchitecture of revenue cycle management services
  • OctoberExpansion of AI services
  • 2019
  • Expansion into European market
  • 2020

Meet our Team

Christ J Pavlatos
Christ J Pavlatos CEO of PatientMD
Anirban Majumder
Anirban Majumder CTO/COO of PatientMD
Michael Pavlatos
Michael Pavlatos CFO of PatientMD
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