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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Patient token is a fungible token compliant with ERC 223 standard which will be utilized for services on the PatientMD platform.

ICO is the creation of digital tokens on a blockchain that is distributed through public ledger. An IPO, is the distribution of shareholdings to the public through investment banks that are known as underwriters. In terms of returns, IPOs offer dividends from company profit. ICOs offer tokens at a price that will rise thanks to the trust put into the project by the public.

The true difference between IPO and ICO is that, IPOs work well when it’s centralized and fully control by a corporation. ICOs work well when it’s open-source and there is no central authority.

Patient token will be used to utilize services of PatientMD platform. Patients will be able to purchase or earn Patient tokens through rewards and incentive programs. Although services can also be purchased via fiat cash, we believe services will be available at a lower price purchased though a Patient token due to reduced market friction costs with use of the blockchain.

Tokens earned by patients can be for a number of healthy behavioral activities, such as: building their PHR with clinical, genomic and IoT data, medication adherence, referral and care coordination compliance, adopting prevention and wellness services, becoming a true consumer by “shopping” for healthcare services, viewing educational videos, participating in clinical trials and/or academic research activity etc.

One can register on our token page patientmd.com/token-distribution and join our ICO by filling the KYC form. Once the details are verified, one can buy tokens from our website.

During the TDE, "Patient" tokens will be distributed at an exchange rate of 1 token = $ 0.20 equivalent in ETH and/or BTC.

There’s no minimum and you can invest fractions of ETH and/or BTC.

PatientMD will be issuing 1 billion (1,000,000,000) ERC223 Patient tokens to create a new blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem.

PatientMD Token Distribution Event will be a capped sale raising $50 million (50,000,000) equivalent of ETH,BTC and /or USD with whitelisted contribution caps.

The pre-sale will start from October 1st, 2018.
PatientMD provides its clients with the opportunity to invest in its tokens using both fiat and crypto.

The price to buy Patient tokens during TDE (Token Distribution Event) is set arbitrarily and merely acts as the mechanism to exchange X amount of ETH for X amount of Patient. The actual value of Patient will be determined by the outcomes of the TDE based on generated supply and hence it does not matter what price we set for the token. Also, you can invest in fractions of ETH, say 0.0001 ETH.

USD fluctuations do not have any impact on the issuance of the token. Whether Ether is $1 or $1000, the TGE rate will always be 1 token = $0.20 equivalent in ETH and/or BTC.

Tokens will be distributed to the same wallet address from which you contributed in approximately 7 days after the end of the ICO. Tokens will also be tradable on exchanges and we will be announcing the exchanges after the ICO via newsletter.

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