Cough Treatment Clinic Homer Glen: Wet vs Dry Cough, What Do They Mean?

Cough Treatment Clinic Homer Glen: Wet vs Dry Cough, What Do They Mean?

Worried when your loved one has a cough or cold? Coughing always doesn't mean that you are affected by the COVID-19 virus. Yes, cough is the hallmark symptom of Covid, but apart from that, coughs are of varied types.  

"Coughing has its own purpose", which means it works as a reflex aiming to protect your body by clearing germs, toxins, and mucus from your lungs and trachea. Surprising, isn't it? But a cough that lasts longer than eight weeks is a matter to worry about. If you have a continuous cough, then you should contact a cough treatment clinic in Homer Glen soon. Chronic coughs may be a sign of an underlying health issue.  

Tired of this coughing? Try to remember when it started. Has it been days, weeks, or months? How critical is it? And most importantly is it wet or dry — the two primary classifications of coughs?

Here we will have a look at two of the most common coughs experienced by adults, some potential causes, and some guidance as to when to visit Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti, MD. 

Wet Coughs

A wet cough is a common indication of respiratory infection, allergies, and heart conditions. This condition results from the presence of mucus or other fluid within the upper or lower respiratory tract. Wet coughs are temporary and come with symptoms like stuffy nose, aches/pains, sore throat, and wheezing.  

A wet cough can even stay after recovering from a virus. At this point, it’s a good idea to call Suburban Wellness SC. The wet cough may continue if you smoke or have a lung condition such as emphysema, bronchitis, or asthma. If your cough persists for a long period, contact the internal medicine doctor, and get the proper solutions. In case of bloody coughs, it can be an indicator of an infection, chronic inflammation, or cancer. 

Dry Coughs 

Irritated and inflamed upper airways can lead to dry coughing. That means a dry cough is one where no mucus or phlegm is produced along with the cough. Dry coughs usually last for a few days. Even choking, a tickle in your throat, and environmental irritants like smoke can result in a temporary dry cough.


But if you notice that your dry cough is becoming constant, then you should need medical attention instantly. Diseases like, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and sinusitis can also lead to a dry cough. Bacterial infections tied to whooping cough and tuberculosis cause a paroxysmal cough, recognized by fits of severe hacking. 

Underlying conditions such as allergies, emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, or GERD can cause dry coughing. So, while you are visiting the physician it is crucial to share as much information as possible about your coughing with Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti, MD. This will help her find out the core cause and provide appropriate treatment. 

When To See A Doctor?

If you are concerned about a cough that you have developed, then it is recommended to schedule an appointment at a cough treatment clinic in Homer Glen soo. Check-in to Suburban Wellness SC if your cough lasts longer than seven days to two weeks, or when your symptoms start getting worse. You can also opt for a telemedicine visit powered by PatientMD, and experience the convenience of getting checked by the best physician at the comfort of your home. Depending on the cause of your cough, Dr. Sudarsana Chakrabarti, MD, will suggest the best remedies. This can range from the use of over-the-counter medication to managing a chronic respiratory condition accordingly. 

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